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Canadian Law Blogs
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(IP) Law in Canada

À bon droit


A Primer on Special Needs and the Law

À qui de droit

Aboriginal Law News & Analysis
Absolute Dispute Resolution
Access to Justice Blog
Accident & Injury Blog by Warnett Hallen
Achkar Law – Employment Law Blog
Ackah Business Immigration Law Blog
Acumen Law Corporation Blog
Administrative Law Matters
Clawbies Winner 2014, 2015
Advocates for the Rule of Law
AGP Blog
Alcohol & Advocacy
All About Estates
All About Information
Clawbies Winner 2009, 2012
Allevato Quail & Worth Blog
Altro & Associates
Appointed Podcast
Clawbies Winner 2019, 2020
Arbesman Hamilton LLP Blog
Ask an Entertainment Lawyer
Attorney with a Life
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007
Aviation Law Blog
Avoid a Claim
Clawbies Winner 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015 - Clawbies Hall of Fame


Bader Law Blog
Badre Law Professional Corporation Blog
Baker & Co’s Blog
Bandhu Law Professional Corporation
Bankruptcy Blog
Bankruptcy, Money Management and Debt Help Tips
Barbeau Evans LLP Law Blog
Barry Sookman
BAX Securities Law Blog
BC Driving Lawyers Blog
BC Estate Litigation Blog
BC Family Law Blog | YLaw Group
BC Family Law Resource Blog
BC Injury Law Blog
BC Injury Lawyers Blog
BC Law Blog
Blogue Éditions Yvon Blais
Blogue juridique Edilex
Bonn Law Office Blawg
Borden Family Lawyers Blog
Borderlines Podcast
Boughton Law Blog
Boyneclark LLP Blog
Brandon’s Blog
Bridge Beat
British Columbia Family Lawyer Blog
Building Insight
Building NewLaw Podcast
Business Law Blog
Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast
Bytensky Shikhman Criminal Law Blog


Calgary Litigation Law Blog
CAM LLP Injury Law Blog
Campbell Litigation
Campbells LLP Blog
Canada Employment & Labour Law Blog
Canada in Focus
Canada’s Court
Canadian Advertising & Marketing Law
Canadian Appeals Monitor
Canadian Charity Law
Canadian Class Action Defence
Canadian Class Actions Monitor
Canadian Competition & Regulatory Law
Canadian Copyright Law
Canadian Cybersecurity Law
Canadian Employment, Labour & Pension Law
Canadian Energy Law
Canadian Energy Perspectives
Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) Blog
Canadian ERA Perspectives
Canadian Fraud Law
Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE)
Canadian Insurance Law Blog
Canadian Labour and Employment Law
Canadian Law of Work Forum
Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights Blog
Canadian Legal History Blog
Canadian Mining Law
Canadian Occupational Health & Safety Law
Canadian Securities Law
Canadian Securities Regulatory Monitor
Canadian Structured Finance Law
Canadian Tax Dispute Blog
Canadian Technology & IP Law
Canadian Trade Law Blog
Canadian Trademark Blog
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2008
Canadian Trademark Intelligence
CanLII Blog
CanLII Connects
Cannabis & Life Science Law
Carbert Waite News & Legal Commentary
Carson Law Blog
Case Law Corner
Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t!
Charter: A Course
Chaudhary Law Office Blog
Chief Justice’s Blog
Civil Resolution Tribunal Blog
CLEO Connect
Clicklaw Blog
Combat Sports Law
Clawbies Winner 2013, 2017
Commercial Litigation Insights
Competition Chronicle
Condo Adviser
Condo Law News
Connect Family Law Blog
Connie Crosby
Conseiller de l’employeur au Québec
Conversations with the President
Conway Law
Counter Tax Lawyers Blog
Cowling Legal Blog
Clawbies Winner 2016, 2017, 2019
CPD Podcast
Criminal Defence Essentials Podcast
Criminal Lawyer Toronto Blog
Criminal Meditations
Crossroads Family Law Blog
Culture Libre
Cuming & Gillespie Blog


David Sklar & Associates Blog
DBH Law Blog
De Bousquet PC Employment Law Blog
Deal Law Wire
Derek L. Associates, Ltd. Blog
Des souris, du droit et des hommes
Deutschmann Law Disability & Personal Injury Blog
Devry Smith Frank Blog
Disability Knowledge Centre
Disinherited Blog
Disputed Podcast
DMC Law Dental Law Blog
Donnelly Murphy Lawyers
Double Aspect
Doyon Avocats – Blogue en droit criminel
Driving Law
Duhaime’s Anti-Money Laundering Law in Canada
Durant Barristers Blog
Dutton Employment Law Blog


ELAAR Canada Immigration Blog
Eloïse Gratton
Employee Rights Blog
Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada
Employment Law Blog
Energy Insider
Environmental Law Alert Blog
Environmental Law Centre (Alberta)
Epstein & Associates Law Blog
Erin Cowling
Clawbies Winner 2016, 2017, 2019
Estate Law Canada
Excess Copyright


FACL BC Podcast
Family Health Law™ Blog
Family Law Now
Familyllb’s Blog
Clawbies Winner 2013, 2016
FDTLaw Blog
Feel the Heat
Feigenbaum Law Blog
Feldstein Family Law Group P.C. Blog
Field Law Blog
Findlay Personal Injury Blog
Firmex Blog
First Reference Blog
Clawbies Winner 2012, 2013
Flex Legal Blog
Forooghian + Company Securities Law Blog
Forum Conveniens: University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review Blog
Frenkel Tobin Family Law and Divorce Blog
fSquared Marketing Blog


Galbraith Family Law Blog
Garson Immigration Law Blog
Gelman & Associates Family Law Blog
Gilbertson Davis LLP Blog
Ginny Law Blogs
Global Workplace Insider
Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Gold’s Legal Minute
Great LEXpectations
Clawbies Winner 2017, 2020
Guelph Employment Law Blog


Hansra Law – Business Law News
Harrison Pensa Blog
Hearsay Podcast
Heather Douglas Law
HeatherGrayGrant Blog
Heritage Law Blog
Hicks Morley Insights
Highlander Law Group Blog
Himelfarb Proszanski Personal Injury Law Blog
HKL Tax Law Blog
Hoyes Michalos Ontario Bankruptcy Blog
HP Privacy and Tech Law Blog
HSH Personal Injury Blog
Hull on Estates Podcast
Hum Law Firm: Canadian Employment Law Blog
Human Rights Law in Ontario


Clawbies Winner 2017, 2020
Iler Campbell Blog
Immetis – Actualités en immigration au Canada
Immigration France Québec
Immigration Way
ImmLight of All Circumstances
In All Fairness – En toute justice
Informations juridiques en droit immobilier
Injury Law Blog
Injury Lawyer Blog
Inside Internal Controls
Inside Medical Malpractice
Insights & Ideas
International & Transnational Criminal Law
Intrepid Podcast
Investigation Counsel
Investor Lawyer


JCA Law Office Blog
JFK Law Corporation Blog
John Schuman’s Family Law Blog
Joshua Goldberg Law Blog
Jumping Off The Ivory Tower
Juris Blogging
Juriste branché


Kahane Law Blog
Kalfa Law Insights
Kate Dewhirst Health Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2017, 2018
Know How
Clawbies Winner 2017, 2021
Kornfeld LLP Blog
Kotak Disability & Personal Injury Law Blog
Kyla Lee: Vancouver Criminal Lawyer


Labour Pains
Clawbies Winner 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018 - Clawbies Hall of Fame
Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers Blog
Lanctot Avocats
Lash Condo Law
Clawbies Winner 2018, 2021
Law and Technology (LTEC) Lab Blog – University of Windsor
Law Firm Web Strategy
Law of the Lands – Farm, Energy and Enviro Law
Law of Work
Clawbies Winner 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 - Clawbies Hall of Fame
Law School Life & Beyond Podcast
Law School Life and Beyond
Law Society of Ontario Gazette
LawBytes Podcast
Lawdiva’s Blog
LDD Blog
Le Blogue du CRL
Le droit au silence
League Legal Perspective
Legal Alert Blog
Legal Feeds
Clawbies Winner 2011, 2014
Legal Help BC
Legal Listening
Clawbies Winner 2020, 2021
Legal Post Blog
Legal Skies
Legal Sourcery
Legally Speaking
Lerners Personal Injury Blog
Les Actifs créatifs
Lexum Blog
Librarian of Things
Library Boy
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007, 2020
Library Canuck
Limitations Law Blog
Lindsay Kenney LLP Blog
Litigation Help
Little Legal Summaries
Lockwood Paralegal Firm Blog
Long Shariff Family Law Blog
Long Term Disability Blog
LSO Gazette Blog


MacDonald’s Tax Blog
Mack’s Criminal Law Blog
MacLean Family Law Blog
MacLeod Law Firm – Navigating the Employment Waters for Employers
Make Your Own Wills
Malaphor: Digital Health Law in Canada
Mann Lawyers LLP
Mat Schwartz | Criminal Lawyer
Matters: the Clio Podcast
Matthew Gould Blog
Matthew Jeffery
MB Students: A Day in the Life…
McCarthy Tétrault Employer Advisor
McLarty Wolf Blog
McLennan Ross Wills & Estates Law Blog
Me Julie Couture
MediateBC Blog
Medical Malpractice Blog
Meurrens on Immigration
MF Litigation’s Blog
Michael Geist
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2016 - Clawbies Hall of Fame
Michael Spratt
Migration Conversations
Mills & Mills LLP Blog
Mincher Koeman Law Chambers Blog
Mines Criminal Law Blog
Minhas Lawyers Blog
Mining Prospects
MK Disability Lawyers Blog
MLT Aikins Insights
Modern Law
Moly Law Blog
Monkhouse Law Blog Blog
Murphy Battista Blog


Nahum Gelber Law Library Blog
Nanda & Associate Lawyers Blog
National Blog
Clawbies Winner 2013, 2015
National Pardon Centre Blog
Navigator Law LLP Blog
Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Blog
New & Notable
Nimonik – Environmental Regulations Simplified
Niren & Associates’ Canadian & US Immigration Blog
NOVA Injury Law
Nulaw Blog
Nussbaum Family Law Blog


O’Connell Law Blog
Oakville Lawyers Blog
Oatley, Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers Blog
Obiter Podcast
Off the Shelf
Off the Tracks Podcast
Official Clio Blog
Clawbies Winner 2010, 2015
OKT Aboriginal Rights Lawyers Blog
On The Wire
Ontario Condo Law Blog
Ontario Injuries Blog
Ontario Injury Law
Ontario Personal Injury Blog
Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Blog
Ontario’s Injury Lawyers Blog
Onyx Law Group
OsgoodePD Blog
Oshawa Criminal Defence Lawyer Blog
Ottawa Injury & Accident Lawyer Blog
Ottawa Law Review Blog
Oziel Law Blog


Pace Law Firm
Pazder Law Corporation Blog Blog
Pender Litigation Criminal Law Blog
Pensions & Benefits Law
Personal Bankruptcy Blog
Personal Injury Law Blog
Personal Injury Law Blog
Personal Injury News
Pink Larkin
Pitblado Law Blog
PLZ Law Blog
Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2010
Privacy and Data Security Law
Professional Conduct Blog
Project Law Blog
Provincial Court of B.C. eNews
Prowse Chowne LLP Blog
Prudent Law Blog
Publications de Verreau Dufresne Avocats


Quid Justitiae


Rants & Raves
Reconcili-ACTION YEG
Reconciliation Syllabus: a TRC-inspired gathering of materials for teaching law
Registrant Law Regulatory Updates
Restructuring Roundup
Right Side of the Law
Rights Angle
Risk Management & Crisis Response
Robeside Assistance: Legal Resources & Research
Robichaud’s Criminal Law Blog
Robson Carpenter
Robson Crim Legal Blog
Rosen Kirshen Tax Law Blog
Rosen Sunshine Health Law Blog
RT Blog
Rudner Law Blog
Rule of Law
Rule of Law Matters Podcast


Sam Trosow
Samis+Company Blog
Sane Split Podcast
SBA Insurance Law Blog
Securities litigation and enforcement
Segev LLP
SG Injury Law Blog
Share Lawyers
Shift Law Blog
Shulman Law Firm – Family Law Lawyers
Skunkworks Creative Group Inc. Blog
Slaferek Callihoo| Criminal Lawyers Blog
Slater Vecchio Connected
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2016 - Clawbies Hall of Fame
Sobirovs News & Publications
Sommers Roth & Elmaleh Medical Malpractice Blog
SOQUIJ | Le Blogue
Spectrum Family Law Blog
Sport Law and Strategy Group
Spunt & Carin Blog
SSH Immigration Law Firm Blog
Startup Source
Stereo Decisis Podcast
Stringam Blog
Stringer Workplace Law Blog
Sufficient Description
Supply Law Legal Blog
Surrey British Columbia Family Law Blog
Susan on the Soapbox


Taeya’s Strata Law Blog
Tailor Law Professional Corporation Blog
Tax Chambers | Tax News
Tax, Society & Culture
Taylor Conway Blog
Teresa Scassa
The Access Revolution Blog
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2016, 2020
The Applicant Podcast
The Blue J Legal Blog
The Bogoroch Post
The Canadian Privacy Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2013
The Competitor
The Court
The Defence Toolkit
The Docket Podcast
The Employer’s Edge
The Every Lawyer
The Factum
The Family Connection
The Goodlawyer Show
The Law Garage
The Law Office of Amy Grubb
The Law School Show
The Lawyer Life Podcast
The Lawyers Lounge Podcast
The Lay of the Land
The Lean Law Firm
The Ledger
The Link
The Litigator Live
The MacGillivray Law Blog
The Mind Wanders
The Resource: BLG Energy Law Blog
The Rodgers Brief
The Scheffette
The Sibling Fight
The Spotlight
The Trauma-Informed Lawyer Podcast
Clawbies Winner 2020, 2021
Thorsteinssons’ Tax Blog
Thoughtful Legal Management
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2016 - Clawbies Hall of Fame
Tierney Stauffer LLP Law Blog
Timely Disclosure
Toronto Criminal Law Blog
Toronto Employment Law & Workplace Immigration Blog
Toronto Employment Lawyer – Case Law Review
Toronto Employment Lawyer Blog
Toronto Estate Law Blog
Toronto Estate Litigation Blog
Toronto Labour & Employment Blog
Torts Podcast
Translating Criminal Law Podcast
Trauma and Lawyers’ Mental Health
Trial Lawyer Blog


UBC Law Library Blog
uLawPractice Blog
Under The Limit
University of Alberta Faculty of Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2009, 2017, 2020
University of Toronto Law School Faculty Blog


Van Dyke Injury Law Blog
Vancouver Immigration Blog
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2019, 2021
Vancouver Law Librarian Blog
Vancouver Litigation Law Blog
Vest Estate Lawyers Blog
Vey Willetts LLP – Ottawa Employment & Labour Law Blog
Vincent Gautrais – Chaire en droit de la sécurité et des affaires électroniques
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2010
VLLB Linkblog
Vogel LLP Blog


Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
WEL Blog
Welcome to the Food Court
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2016
What’s Law Got To Do With It?
What’s Trending
Will Davidson LLP Blog
William Jaksa | Criminal Litigation
Wills + Estates Lawyers Blog
Windsor Family Law Blog
Wine Law
Wise Health Law Blog
Wise Law Blog
WSIB Law Blog


Yves Faguy


Zahavian Legal Marketing Blog
Zayouna Personal Injury Law Blog