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Canadian Law Blogs
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(IP) Law in Canada


Ă€ bon droit


A Primer on Special Needs and the Law


Ă€ qui de droit

Clawbies Winner 2012, 2013, 2015
Aboriginal Law News & Analysis
Access Review
Access to Justice in Canada Blog
Accident & Injury Blog by Warnett Hallen
Achieving Justice
Acumen Law Corporation Blog
Adam Zasada’s Ontario Construction Law and Litigation Blog
Administrative Law Matters
Clawbies Winner 2014, 2015
Advocation Employment Law Blog
Alberta Construction Law Blog
Alberta Criminal Law Blog
Alberta Employer Advisor
Alberta Legal Information Society Blog
Alcohol & Advocacy
All About Estates
All About Franchise Law
All About Information
Clawbies Winner 2009, 2012
Allan Rouben
Allevato Quail & Worth Blog
Altro & Associates
Architects of Justice
Ariel Katz on Intellectual Property, Competition, Innovation, and Other Issues
Ask an Entertainment Lawyer
Aviation Law Blog
Avocat droit criminel
Avoid a Claim
Clawbies Winner 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016


Bankruptcy Canada Blog
Barbeau Evans LLP Law Blog
Barbeau, Evans & Goldstein Law Blog
Barry Sookman
BC Employment Lawyer Blog
BC Family Law Blog | YLaw Group
BC Family Law Resource Blog
BC Injury Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2009, 2011
BC Injury Lawyers Blog
BC Law Watch Blog
BC LawMatters Blog
BC Personal Injury Law Blog
BC Real Estate Law Blog
Blawg Briefs
Blogging for Equality
Blogosaurus Lex
Blogue Éditions Yvon Blais
Blogue en Droit des Affaires – Business Law Blog
Blogue Hemmings avocat inc.
Blogue juridique Edilex
Bonn Law Office Blawg
Bora Laskin Law Library Reference Services Blog
Borderlines Podcast
Boughton Law Blog
Brain Injury Blog
Brandon’s Blog
Bridge Beat
British Columbia Employment Advisor
British Columbia Family Lawyer Blog
British Columbia Personal Injury Law Blog
Building NewLaw Podcast
Business Development for Lawyers
Business Law Blog
Business Law Blog


C’est Ă©-p@tent!
Calgary Law Library Group
CAM LLP Injury Law Blog
Cameron’s Profits for Partners Blog
Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers Blog
Canada Employment & Labour Law Blog
Canada Fashion Law
Canada Immigration Blog
Canada in Focus
Canada-US Blog
Canadian Advertising & Marketing Law
Canadian Appeals Monitor
Canadian Business Law Blog
Canadian Charity Law
Canadian Class Action Defence
Canadian Class Actions Law
Canadian Class Actions Monitor
Canadian Communications Law
Canadian Competition & Regulatory Law
Canadian Copyright Law
Canadian Cybersecurity Law
Canadian Employment & Pension Law
Canadian Employment Law Blog
Canadian Energy Law
Canadian Energy Perspectives
Canadian ERA Perspectives
Canadian Fraud Law
Canadian HR Law
Canadian Immigration
Canadian Immigration News Updates
Canadian Immigration Podcast
Canadian Insurance Law Blog
Canadian Labour & Employment Law Blog
Canadian Labour and Employment Law
Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights Blog
Canadian Legal History Blog
Canadian Legal Research Blog
Canadian Life Science Law
Canadian M&A Perspectives
Canadian Mining Law
Canadian Occupational Health & Safety Law
Canadian Securities Law
Canadian Securities Litigation
Canadian Securities Regulatory Monitor
Canadian Structured Finance Law
Canadian Tax Decisions & Tax Law
Canadian Tax Dispute Blog
Canadian Tax Litigation Blog
Canadian Technology & IP Law
Canadian Trade Law Blog
Canadian Trademark Blog
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2008
Cantini Law Group’s Injury Law Blog
Case in Point
Cassels Brock & Blogwell
CCLA Rights Watch
Chaudhary Law Office Blog
Civil Forfeiture in Canada
Clicklaw Blog
Combat Sports Law
Common Law Radio
Competition Chronicle
Condo Adviser
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2016
Condo Development Blog
Condo Law Blog
Condo Law News
Conduct Law Blog
Connie Crosby
Conseiller de l’employeur au QuĂ©bec
Constitutionally Canadian
Construction Law Canada
Consumer & Retail Advisor
Counter Tax Lawyers Blog
Cowling Legal Blog
Criminal Meditations
Cross Border Litigator
Culture Libre

Darryl Singer’s Blog
David Sklar & Associates Blog
Deal Law Wire
Delaney’s Law Firm Blog
Democracy Law Blog
Devry Smith Frank Blog
Digital Copyright Canada
Dinning Hunter Law Blog
Disability Blog
Discover Canadian Lawyers
Disinherited Blog
Divorce and Wealth
Divorce Law Blog
DL Blog
DMC Law Dental Law Blog
Dot Indicia
Double Aspect
Doyon Avocats – blogue en droit criminel
Droit des personnes intersexes, queers et trans*
Duhaime’s Anti-Money Laundering Law in Canada
Dutton Employment Law Blog


EJ Guiste On Law and Justice
eLegal Canton
Elliott & Elliott Blog
EloĂŻse Gratton
Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada
Clawbies Winner 2011, 2013
Employment & Labour Law
Employment Law 101
Energy Insider
Entertainment & Media Law Signal
Clawbies Winner 2010, 2012, 2014
Environmental Law Alert Blog
Environmental Law and Litigation
Clawbies Winner 2010, 2014
Environmental Law Centre (Alberta)
Environmental Law Insights
Epstein & Associates Law Blog
Estate Law Canada
Eva Chan
Excess Copyright


Family and Fertility Law Blog
Family Health Law™ Blog
Family Law Help Centre Blog
Family Law Re-Focused
Familyllb’s Blog
Clawbies Winner 2013, 2016
Farber Financial Group Blog
Farjoud Law – Posts from Counsel
Feminist Legal Studies UBC
Fertility Law Canada Blog
Field Law Blog
Findlay Personal Injury Blog
First Reference Blog
Clawbies Winner 2012, 2013
Flex Legal Blog
For the Law of Food
Forte Law Blog
Franchise Justice Blog
fSquared Marketing Blog


Galbraith Family Law Blog
Gelman & Associates Family Law Blog
Gilbertson Davis LLP Blog
Ginsberg Gingras Bankruptcy Blog
Ginsberg Gingras blogue sur la faillite
Global Workplace Insider


Halifax Law Blog
Halifax Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog
Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer Blog
Halo Secretarial Services
Hamilton Employment Law
Harrison Pensa Blog
Hartman Family Law Blog
Hassell Arbitration Blog
Health Law in Canada
Heather Douglas Law
HeatherGrayGrant Blog
Heintzman ADR
Henry J. Chang’s Canada-US Immigration Blog
Heritage Law Blog
Highlander Law Group Blog
Himelfarb Proszanski Personal Injury Law Blog
Hoyes Michalos Ontario Bankruptcy Blog
HSH Personal Injury Blog
Human Resources Legislative Update
Human Rights Law in Ontario


ICBC and Injury Blog
Iler Campbell Blog
Immetis – ActualitĂ©s en immigration au Canada
Immigration France Québec
In Dispute
Indigenous Law Blog
Injury Blog
Injury Law Blog
Injury Lawyer Blog
Inside Internal Controls
International & Transnational Criminal Law
Intersecting Law and Languages
Investigation Counsel
Investor Lawyer
IP Oversee
IPEye Blog


Jeffrey Miller’s Law Blog
JFK Law Corporation Blog
John Schuman’s Family Law Blog
Jordan Battista LLP Blog
Joshua Rogala’s Criminal Law Blog
Juris Blogging
Just Biotech
Just Compensation


Kabuk Law
Kate Dewhirst Health Law Blog
Know How


Labour and Employment Law Blog
Labour of Law
Labour Pains
Clawbies Winner 2012, 2014
Lash Condo Law
Law Firm Web Strategy
Law in Québec
Law is Cool
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2009
Law of the Lands – Farm, Energy and Enviro Law
Law of Work
Clawbies Winner 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
Lawdiva’s Blog
LawNow Magazine’s Blog
Lawyer Corporation
Lawyers Quitting Practice
LCO Blog
Le Blogue du CRL
Le droit au silence
League Legal Perspective
Lee Akazaki: SQP jeunes avocats | new lawyers’ mentorship
Clawbies Winner 2011, 2014
Legal Aid Ontario Blog
Legal Alert Blog
Legal Crossroads
Legal Feeds
Clawbies Winner 2011, 2014
Legal Humour Blog
Legal Marketing Canada
Legal Post Blog
Legal Sourcery
Clawbies Winner 2014, 2015
Lerners Personal Injury Blog
Les Actifs créatifs
Lexbox Blog
Library Boy
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007
Library Canuck
Library Technician Dialog
Lindsay Kenney LLP Blog
Lockwood Paralegal Firm Blog
LRSP Blog / Blogue du PADL


MacIsaac & Company Wills Variation Group Blog
Mack’s Criminal Law Blog
MacLean Estate Litigation Blog
MacLean Family Law Blog
MacLeod Law Firm – Fighting for What You Deserve
MacLeod Law Firm – Navigating the Employment Waters for Employers
Mary Keyork Immigration Law blog
Matrimonial Matters
Matthew Gould Blog
Matthew Jeffery
MB Students: A Day in the Life…
McElroy Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2016
McGarry Law Blog
McGill Law Library Blog
McLarty Wolf Blog
Me Julie Couture
MediateBC Blog
Meurrens on Immigration
Michael Geist
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2016
Michael Spratt
Michelle Kelly’s Condo Law Blog
Mills & Mills LLP Blog
Mincov Law Blog
Mines Criminal Law Blog
Mining Prospects
Miralaw Blog
Miskin Law Blog
MLT Aikins Insights
Monkhouse Law Blog
Morton’s Musings Blog
Municipal Matters
Murphy & Company
Murphy Battista Blog
Mussio Law Group Blog


National Blog
Clawbies Winner 2013, 2015
National Pardon Centre Blog
National Security Law
National Self-Represented Litigants Project Blog
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2016
New & Notable
Newfoundland Injury Law Blog
News From The Break Room
Nimonik – Environmental Regulations Simplified
Niren & Associates’ Canadian & US Immigration Blog
Not for Profit and Charity Law in Canada Blog
Nussbaum Family Law Blog


O’Connell Law Blog
Oakville Lawyers Blog
Oatley, Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers Blog
Off the Shelf
Official Clio Blog
Clawbies Winner 2010, 2015
OKT Aboriginal Rights Lawyers Blog
On The Wire
OnCorp Direct Blog
Ontario Condo Law Blog
Ontario Employer Advisor
Ontario Family Law Blog
Ontario Family Law Blog
Ontario Injury Law
Ontario Insurance Law Blog
Ontario Insurance Litigation Blog
Ontario Personal Injury Blog
Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Blog
Ontario’s Injury Lawyers Blog
Osgoode Institute for Feminist Legal Studies
OsgoodePD Blog
Ottawa Injury & Accident Lawyer Blog
Ottawa Litigation
Oziel Law Blog


Pantyhose & the Penal Code
Paralegal SCOPE Magazine
Patterson Law Expropriation Blog
Patterson Law Medical Malpractice
Pazder Law Blog
Pensions & Benefits Law
Personal Injury Law Blog
Peter Sankoff
Pink Larkin
PLZ Law Blog
Politics, Law and Life
Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2010
PricewaterhouseCoopers Immigration Law LLP Blog
Prince Law Real Estate Blog
Privacy and Data Security Law
Project Law Blog
Prowse Chowne LLP Blog
Public Law Advocacy


QTMG Personal Injury Lawyers Blog


Rants & Raves
Reconciliation Syllabus: a TRC-inspired gathering of materials for teaching law
Reputable: Privacy, Identity, Reputation
Restructuring Roundup
Right Side of the Law
Risk Management & Crisis Response
Rob Hyndman
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007, 2009
Robeside Assistance: Legal Resources & Research
Robichaud’s Criminal Law Blog
Robson Crim Legal Blog
Rosen Sunshine Health Law Blog
RT Blog
Rule of Law


Sam Trosow
Samfiru & Tumarkin Law Blog
Samis+Company Blog
Securities Litigation Blog
Securities Mining Law Blog
Sexual Abuse Claims Blog
Share Lawyers
Shaunna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research
Shift Law Blog
Simon M. Brown Paralegal Services
Skunkworks Creative Group Inc. Blog
Slater Vecchio Connected
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2016
Small Business Law
Smordin Criminal Law Blog
SnIP/ITs: Insights on Canadian Technology and Intellectual Property Law
Social Media for Law Firms
SOQUIJ | Le Blogue
SorbaraLaw Municipal Report
Spergel Debt Blog
Sport Law and Strategy Group
SSH Immigration Law Firm Blog
Start Fresh – A Practical Family Law Blog
Startup Source
Startup. Buildup. Sellup.
Stringam Blog
Stringer Workplace Law Blog
Sufficient Description
Sui Generis Radio
Surrey British Columbia Family Law Blog
Survol Juridique
Susan on the Soapbox


Taeya’s Strata Law Blog
Taverniti | Vashishth LLP Blog
Tax Chambers | Tax News
Tax Law Blog
Tax, Society & Culture
Taylor Conway Blog
Teresa Scassa
TevlinGleadle Employment Law – Perspectives from Vancouver
The 4th Monkey
The Bill 106 Blog
The Blog of Simon Borys
The Blue J Legal Blog
The Bogoroch Post
The Buchanan Ontario Workplace Law Blog
The Canadian Privacy Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2013
The Competitor
The Conduct of an Appeal
The Court
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2008, 2016
The Court Jester
The Criminal Law Team Toronto
The Cross-Border Biotech Blog
The DealRoom
The Disclosure Blog
The Docket Podcast
The Domain Name Lawyer Blog
The Exchange: Financial Institutions Litigation Blog
The Factum
The Family Connection
The Fine Print
The Food Web: Canadian Agribusiness and Food Law
The KazBlog
The KF Modified Blog
The Lawyer Coach Blog
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2007
The Lay of the Land
The Lean Law Firm
The Ledger
The Litigator Live
the real/estate blog
The Resource: BLG Energy Law Blog
The Sibling Fight
The Stream
The Workplace Matters
Thorsteinssons’ Tax Blog
Thoughtful Legal Management
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2016
Thoughts from a Management Lawyer
Timely Disclosure
Tom Rees & Co. Legal News
Toronto Criminal Law Blog
Toronto Divorce Lawyer Blog
Toronto Employment Lawyer – Case Law Review
Toronto Employment Lawyer Blog
Toronto Estate Law Blog
Toronto Family Law Blog
Toronto Family Lawyers’ Blog
Toronto Personal Injury Law Blog
Trademark Help Blog
Treasurers Blog
Trial Lawyer Blog


UBC Law Library Blog
uLawPractice Blog
Under The Limit
University of Alberta Faculty of Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2009
University of Toronto Law School Faculty Blog


Van Dyke Injury Law Blog
Vancouver Divorce & Family Law Blog
Vancouver Immigration Blog
Vancouver Law Librarian Blog
Veale Law Blog
Vey Willetts LLP – Ottawa Employment & Labour Law Blog
Vincent Gautrais – Chaire en droit de la sĂ©curitĂ© et des affaires Ă©lectroniques
Clawbies Winner 2006, 2010
Virk Personal Injury Lawyers
VLLB Linkblog
Vogel LLP Blog


Wagner Sidlofsky LLP
Wakely Mediation and Negotiation Blog
Welcome to the Food Court
Clawbies Winner 2015, 2016
Western Canada Business Litigation Blog
Whaley Estate Litigation Blog
What’s New @
Will Davidson LLP Blog
Wills + Estates Lawyers Blog
Wills and Estates Law
Wine Law
Wise Law Blog
Clawbies Winner 2007, 2012
Women’s Legal Mentorship Program
Wood Bull Blog
Work in Progress: A Labour and Employment Law Blog
Work it Out Mediation
Wortzmans Blog


Young Smart & Legal
Your Estate Matters Blog
Your Family Business
Youth & Work
Clawbies Winner 2011, 2013
Yves Faguy


Zayouna Personal Injury Law Blog