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  • Introducing MyDrive: Simplifying Document Management in RealtiWeb

    Have you tried MyDrive on RealtiWeb yet? Similar to Windows’ File Explorer, it organizes your conveyancing work into simpler, visually logical order. That is, MyDrive works the way you (and the whole real estate legal profession) do. The significant difference between it and Windows’ File Explorer i … Read more »

  • Enhancements and Releases in January 2024

    As we finish the first month of 2024, we’re excited to kick off the year with a bang, introducing a host of enhancements and releases in January that are set to elevate your experience. Our commitment to innovation remains steadfast, and we can’t wait to share the latest features designed to make yo … Read more »

  • Emergency Remote Client ID in Nova Scotia Coming to an End. We’ll Be Ready.

    In late 2023, the Nova Scotia Federation of Law Societies (FLS) clarified its position regarding the use of special technology products for remote client identification. Why? It’s the law in Canada that when a lawyer is hired for legal services involving the transfer, paying or receiving of funds, t … Read more »

  • Dark Theme, Enhanced Layouts: The New Face of LDD WebDocumentServices

    LDD WebDocumentServices, one of your LawyerDoneDeal Corp. (LDD) main staples, has just been updated.Bottom line? Your work tasks are about to get easier. Or you can now get more done in less time. Either way, it’s good news.Not familiar with LDD WebDocumentServices? Picture your firm’s safe digital … Read more »

  • The Year in Review: Our App Launches and Noteworthy Events

    As we kick off the new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the significant milestones and accomplishments of LawyerDoneDeal Corp.® (LDD) throughout the impactful year of 2023. RealtiWeb®RealtiWeb has entered a new era, fully supported in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, making it ready for … Read more »