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The National Pardon Centre blog covers topics relating to criminal pardons, usa entry waivers and fingerprinting services. All topics are specific to Canada.

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  • What Does Bondable Mean in Canada? How Being Bondable Helps You Get Hired

    Why Does “Are You Bondable?” Appear On Job Applications? Being bondable is something you’ll see when applying for jobs. In many fields, employers require the people they hire be bondable before they can move ahead with hiring. Knowing if you are bondable matters because this tells any job you are de … Read more »

  • How to get an American background check from Canada?

    If you are in Canada and require a FBI criminal record background check the process is not as straight forward as conducting a background check through the RCMP. There are several steps you will need to perform in order to obtain your certified FBI background check. Contact a RCMP accredited fingerp … Read more »

  • Covid-19 Update – Suspended Fingerprinting Services – National Wide

    At the National Pardon Centre our first priority is to keep our staff and the public safe. To do that we would like to keep the public informed during these difficult times. Currently, we are not offering fingerprinting services.  Fingerprinting is a close contact service which presents a serious da … Read more »

  • Travelling with a Canadian Criminal Record

    International travel is part of many people’s business and personal lives in this modern era.  Whether you seek to travel for sightseeing, relaxation and enjoyment, or it’s a necessary part of your job, more and more people are travelling abroad each year than ever before.  However, if you are a Can … Read more »

  • Great News: The Parole Board of Canada is Faster Than Ever!

    Since opening our doors in 2002 we have seen simple pardon applications take well over two years to complete. That is after all of the paperwork is done and the file has already been sent to the Parole Board of Canada. Of course back then it was called the National Parole Board but a politician deci … Read more »