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The National Pardon Centre blog covers topics relating to criminal pardons, usa entry waivers and fingerprinting services. All topics are specific to Canada.

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  • How Long is the Average Waiting Period for a Record Suspension?

    Getting a record suspension in Canada is a relatively complex process that is best done with the help of an experienced professional. The first thing you need to know about successfully obtaining a record suspension is that it won’t happen overnight. Even when you’ve got someone who knows the ins an … Read more »

  • RCMP Fingerprint Processing Times and Fees

    GREAT NEWS: RCMP Processing Times Have Never Been Faster! RCMP Processing times for fingerprinting submissions have been consistently improving. Official RCMP time frames for receiving the results of a certified fingerprinting submission are as follows: Official RCMP Fingerprinting Processing Times: … Read more »

  • Fraud Under $5000 in Canada: What You Need to Know

    Fraud is a charge that is similar to theft but has its own legal distinction. Much like theft, fraud involves obtaining goods, services or money in an illegal manner. However, fraud usually entails gaining something through trickery or misrepresentation, while in theft the methods are more straight … Read more »

  • How to Do a Free Background Check on Someone in Canada

    Whether it’s to obtain information about a potential employee, caregiver or even a romantic partner, background checks are a useful tool at anyone’s disposal. Running a free background check on someone is a perfectly valid course of action and shouldn’t be approached with any hesitation or negative … Read more »

  • Assault Charge in Canada

    This article will cover all aspects of being charged with assault in Canada. What is an Assault Charge? Like many charges in the Canadian criminal code Assault covers a fairly wide range of activities. Assault in Canada can be anything from fist fight to a beggar asking for money too aggressively. I … Read more »