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  • Walking away from a real estate purchase just cost the buyer $360,340.35August 19, 2017

    Most people who buy real estate assume that only their deposit is at risk if they fail to complete the purchase. For sure their deposit is at risk. This has been unequivocally established by the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Tang v. Zhang 2013 BCAA 52 which states that the defaulting buyer’s d … Read more »

  • Think twice before you just “add another person’s name” to your titleAugust 8, 2017

    1. What does it legally mean to add someone’s name to your title? In BC you have to file an electronic FORM A land transfer at the Land Titles Office to add someone’s name to your property title. However, by doing so you are doing more than just adding a name. You (“the transferor”) are legally tran … Read more »

  • Vancouver rejects Keefer St. proposal in ChinatownJune 30, 2017

    Chinatown decision: Vancouver council rejects controversial 105 Keefer St. proposal – this Vancouver Sun article describes one small victory for community residents over a large property developer (in this instance, the Beedie Group). This is a good example of community involvement working to resist … Read more »

  • Is our FOOD SECURITY for sale?June 22, 2017

    Farm land is EXEMPT from the 15% foreign buyer’s tax in British Columbia. B.C. government’s decision to exempt farmland from the 15-per-cent foreign buyers tax is fuelling runaway speculation on property in the Agricultural Land Reserve. Is our FOOD SECURITY for sale? The Sun’s article illustrates t … Read more »

  • Vancouver Real Estate Podcast: FORECLOSURE DISCLOSURE (with Ken Pazder)May 26, 2017

    This week, Ken Pazder had the pleasure of speaking with the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast team about the foreclosure process in British Columbia. The Podacast is titled THE FORECLOSURE DISCLOSURE. In this podcast, we delve into questions like: What is a foreclosure? How does it happen? How can one b … Read more »