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  • Is our FOOD SECURITY for sale?June 22, 2017

    Farm land is EXEMPT from the 15% foreign buyer’s tax in British Columbia. B.C. government’s decision to exempt farmland from the 15-per-cent foreign buyers tax is fuelling runaway speculation on property in the Agricultural Land Reserve. Is our FOOD SECURITY for sale? The Sun’s article illustrates t … Read more »

  • Vancouver Real Estate Podcast: FORECLOSURE DISCLOSURE (with Ken Pazder)May 26, 2017

    This week, Ken Pazder had the pleasure of speaking with the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast team about the foreclosure process in British Columbia. The Podacast is titled THE FORECLOSURE DISCLOSURE. In this podcast, we delve into questions like: What is a foreclosure? How does it happen? How can one b … Read more »

  • The BIG SIX: How to draft a good BC Real Estate Purchase Contract. Six Mistakes to AvoidApril 11, 2017

    Writing a good contract of purchase and sale The contract of purchase and sale governs the transaction between the buyer and the seller.  As you are representing the buyer or seller, you must ensure that the agreement properly reflects the intentions of your clients and fully protects their interest … Read more »

  • Real Estate Nightmare #3 : The Cost of the Stolen TitleMarch 23, 2017

    This is the third and last video in the Real Estate Nightmares Series. [VIDEO] There have been cases of property-related fraud in British Columbia. Your lawyer can usually spot anything unusual in your file early on and avoid complications down the line. Transcript: KENNETH PAZDER: “[He] basically o … Read more »

  • $600,000 Mistake made in purchasing from Non-ResidentMarch 21, 2017

    Beware when you are buying real estate in Canada from a NON-RESIDENT! S.116 of the Income Tax Act requires a buyer to “make reasonable inquiries” to ascertain the residency status of any seller of real property. That generally starts with the seller checking the “resident or non-resident” box contai … Read more »