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  • SAME DAY CLOSINGS – Can you do them?

    We are often asked whether we can act for a client who is selling one home and buying another on the same day. Is this possible?  Is it a good idea? Firstly, IT IS POSSIBLE.  We have acted on a few hundred of these “same day closings” over the last twenty five years and all but few have completed on … Read more »

  • Should you try making a “referential offer” in a multiple offer situation?

    In the current, frenzied real estate market the dangerous phenomenon of “no subject” offers has returned yet again. Subject conditions in real estate offers allow a buyer to conduct his or her due diligence prior to having the contract of purchase and sale become legally binding. Subject conditions … Read more »

  • Adding a party to a Contract of Purchase and Sale

    “Privity of contract” is a doctrine of contract law that holds that only those parties to the contract are bound by the terms of the contract and can enforce the obligations stipulated in the contract. A third party that is not a party to the contract does not have privity of contract and thus, cann … Read more »

  • Backup Offers in Real Estate Transactions

    When a buyer makes an offer to purchase a house or condo and the seller accepts it, a contract of purchase and sale is formed. Most contracts contain “subject conditions,” which are due diligence searches and investigations which must be completed by the buyer before the contract becomes fully bindi … Read more »


    Canadian home prices have increased an average of 17% over the last year! This is despite the pandemic, months long lockdowns, high unemployment, ballooning federal government debt and the possibility of a so-called “second wave.” In my view, this is good news for Canadians, as home ownership has pr … Read more »