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  • Condo Maintenance Fees: A Full Breakdown

    Need a real estate lawyer?Free Consultation →In the world of condominium ownership, the most critical aspect that owners and potential buyers must grasp is the monthly maintenance fee. The monthly maintenance fee of a condominium can also be referred to as common expenses, common elements, CE paymen … Read more »

  • How to Choose a Real Estate Lawyer: Ontario Guide

    Looking for a Real Estate Lawyer?Free Consultation →Choosing the right real estate lawyer is crucial for ensuring a smooth property transaction. A skilled lawyer helps to prevent potential issues, provides clear guidance, and advocates for your rights. Their expertise ensures that all legal document … Read more »

  • Real Estate Legal Fees: A Full Breakdown

    Our Legal Fee CalculatorInstant QuoteWhen it comes to buying or selling a property, legal fees are a major part of the closing costs. They cover your legal representation and legal services as you execute on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. These services include general legal advice, review of l … Read more »

  • Title Transfers in Ontario: A Complete Guide

    Need help with a title transfer?Free Consultation →What Does Property “Title” Mean?In Ontario, property “title” refers to having a legal ownership or interest in real property – in other words, the registered owner. Title can also used to refer to the legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities … Read more »

  • Survivorship Applications: A Complete Guide for Ontario

    Need to register a Survivorship Application?Free Consultation →What is a Survivorship Application? Survivorship Applications play an important role in Ontario real estate law, particularly for co-owners.They're used when one co-owner passes away, offering a streamlined process for transferring … Read more »