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  • Real Estate Closing Lawyer

    Looking for a real estate closing lawyer?Free Consultation →What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do?A real estate lawyer specializes in property law. They assist clients with buying and selling property, drafting and reviewing agreements, verifying property records, and resolving disagreements and dispute … Read more »

  • LTB Form N12: Notice to End your Tenancy Because the Landlord Requires the Rental Unit

    Need a landlord and tenant lawyer?Free Consultation →Sometimes a landlord requires their rental unit for their own personal use or for one of their family members. Landlords have the right to occupy their property in this manner. To initiate this process and reclaim occupancy, a landlord must serve … Read more »

  • LTB Form N11: Agreement to End the Tenancy

    Need a landlord and tenant lawyer?Free Consultation →Sometimes a landlord and tenant mutually agree to end a tenancy. Facilitating this process effectively starts by completing Form N11: Agreement to End the Tenancy. What is Form N11?Form N11: Agreement to End the Tenancy is provided by the Ontario … Read more »

  • LTB Form N5: Notice to End a Tenancy for Interfering with Others, Damage or Overcrowding

    Need a landlord and tenant lawyer?Free Consultation →Encountering disruptive tenant behavior, property damage, or overcrowding within rental units is a common challenge faced by landlords across Ontario. To address these issues landlords must serve proper notice about the violation and subsequently … Read more »

  • Additional Dwelling Units: Ontario Guide 2024

    Are you eligible for an additional dwelling?Free Consultation →Many Ontario property owners consider adding some form of secondary living spaces on their property.  These spaces are known as Additional Dwelling Units, or simply ADUs.  These units are gaining in popularity, so interested parties may … Read more »