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  • Zero Tolerance Policies and Medicinal MarijuanaSeptember 28, 2018

    Marijuana will soon be legal for recreational use nationwide and many employers are scrambling to respond to the challenges this important change will have for safety policies and discipline issues. Our clients have frequently asked us whether an employer can have a “zero tolerance” policy for marij … Read more »

  • Court Disregards Release where Settlement “Unconscionable”August 29, 2018

    The Ontario Superior Court recently allowed an employee to proceed with claims against his former employer regarding long-term disability insurance, even though he had signed a release in exchange for a severance package when his employment ended.  The Facts The employee in Swampillai v. Royal & Sun … Read more »

  • Ontario Court of Appeal Finds Clarity in Termination ClauseJuly 25, 2018

    The Ontario Court of Appeal recently overruled a decision regarding a termination clause, finding that the provision clearly and unambiguously ousted the presumption of common law reasonable notice. The Case The employee in Amberber v. IBM Canada Limited was 57 years old and had almost 16 years of s … Read more »

  • Save the Date: 2018 Annual Employers' ConferenceJuly 24, 2018

    Don’t Miss Our 32nd Annual Employers’ Conference   As always, this year’s conference will deliver a practical and digestible review of what  you need to know to manage your employees effectively.   GOOGLE   APPLE ICAL   OUTLOOK   OUTLOOK.COM Here’s some feedback from last year’s conference: “Always … Read more »

  • Suspensions: Caution RequiredJuly 18, 2018

    Suspensions are an important disciplinary measure for employers, often bridging the gap between less significant discipline and termination.  However, in some circumstances they can unintentionally result in a constructive dismissal, leading to significant liability for the employer. A recent case f … Read more »