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  • Open for Business

    We have activated our business continuity plan and we are adjusting it regularly in response to governmental and health authority updates. We continue to provide uninterrupted service and support to our valued clients while doing our part to contain and address COVID-19 during this challenging time. … Read more »

  • Unionizing Foodora – Labour Laws Adapt to the Gig Economy?

    The Ontario Labour Relations Board (the “Board”) issued a decision yesterday which sent shockwaves through the Gig Economy.  The Board ruled that Foodora couriers’ relationship with the app-based food delivery company was more akin to that of “employees” than that of “independent contractors”. What … Read more »

  • Recent Amendments to Rule 76 Simplified Procedure

    Recent amendments to Rule 76 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure will help to reduce legal costs and streamline the litigation process in the province.  Claims Under the Simplified Procedure Rule In Ontario, individuals and businesses may file a civil court claim using what’s known as the simpli … Read more »

  • A wrongful dismissal time warp – When is two years really six?

    Perhaps, when an ex-employee takes six years to “discover” that they were wrongfully dismissed. Thankfully, the Ontario Court of Appeal has confirmed that employees cannot await the conclusion of criminal proceedings to judge the strength of their wrongful dismissal claim before commencing a lawsuit … Read more »

  • Looks like a Duck: ONCA Returns Telecommunications Construction to Provincial Jurisdiction

    A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision serves to remind employers that the presumption of provincial jurisdiction over labour relations will only be displaced in the clearest of cases. In Ramkey Communications Inc. v. Labourers’ International Union of North America, the employer opposed certifica … Read more »