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  • In Memory of Ted StringerMarch 12, 2018

    In Memory of Edwin  L. “Ted” Stringer It is with great sadness that the Partners of Stringer LLP share the news of the death of our founder Edwin L. “Ted” Stringer.  Ted was an innovator and a trailblazer within the legal profession.  He was a pioneer of the specialist boutique law firm when he foun … Read more »

  • Then Now Next: Ontario Government To Introduce Pay Transparency LegislationMarch 6, 2018

    Premier Kathleen Wynne announced this morning that the Ontario government would introduce new legislation aimed at increasing pay transparency as part of a broader strategy to advance women’s economic empowerment entitled “Then Now Next: Ontario’s Strategy for Women’s Economic Empowerment”. Unlike t … Read more »

  • Shifting Sands: Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Termination ClauseFebruary 28, 2018

    Employers, ever-weary of the next judicial pronouncement on the enforceability of specific termination clauses in employment contracts, may mark a recent decision by Ontario’s top court down on the positive side of the ledger. Starting Point To be enforceable, a specific termination clause in an emp … Read more »

  • Revoking Telecommute Agreement A Constructive DismissalFebruary 20, 2018

    The Ontario Superior Court recently found that an employee had been constructively dismissed when her employer reneged on its promise that she could work from home three days per week. The Facts The employee in Hagholm v. Coreio Inc. had worked for the employer, a Toronto-based company, for ten year … Read more »

  • Termination Clauses: Clearly Restrictive Language Necessary for EnforceabilityFebruary 15, 2018

    The Alberta Court of Appeal recently upheld a trial decision that struck a termination clause down as unenforceable. The Facts The employee in Holm v AGAT Laboratories Ltd. (“Holm”) sued his employer for constructive dismissal. The employee had an employment contract which purported to limit his ent … Read more »