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  • Consideration: What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the GanderJanuary 31, 2018

    In a unique set of circumstances, the Ontario Superior Court recently found that changes to an employment contract which benefited an employee were void because the employer did not receive consideration. The Facts The employee in Waddilove v. 1748960 Ontario Limited was terminated without cause fro … Read more »

  • The Value of Consideration: New Employer, New Contract, New RulesJanuary 5, 2018

    The Ontario Court of Appeal recently restored an employment termination clause that a motion judge struck down as invalid for lack of consideration. There are three elements to a valid employment contract: offer, acceptance, and consideration. Generally, consideration can be anything of value exchan … Read more »

  • Working Notice Inappropriate for Employees Who Cannot WorkDecember 19, 2017

    The Ontario Superior Court recently awarded an employee on leave due to disability, damages representing the salary he would have earned had he been able to work during the working notice period set by his employer. The Facts The employee in McLeod v 1274458 Ontario Inc had worked as a mover for the … Read more »

  • No Bonus Entitlement – “Active Employment” Requirement did not Violate ESADecember 4, 2017

    The Ontario Court of Appeal recently denied entitlement to bonus payout to an employee who quit his job. The Court found that the language of the bonus plan, requiring “active employment” as a condition to receive a payout, did not violate the Employment Standards Act. The Case The employee in Bois … Read more »

  • Stringer LLP – Prize in Labour LawNovember 27, 2017

    At Stringer LLP, we strive to excel in all areas of human resources law, and we feel a responsibility to promote excellence in legal scholarship in our field.  That’s why we are proud to sponsor the Stringer LLP Prize in Labour Law, which is awarded each year to one Queen’s University law student, t … Read more »