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  • Mindfulness Tips for Lawyers

    A 2017 article in the Globe and Mail referenced a Canadian research study that suggests lawyers are more likely to experience mental health struggles the more successful they are in their field. How awful. Furthermore, our self expectations may be holding us back from happiness and success. … Read more »

  • Personal Branding for Lawyers

    Have you thought about your personal brand recently? How attractive is it? Can you draw in the people – the perfect clients, lawyers, referral sources and business partners – who could make an enormous difference in your effort to share your unique gifts with the world and fulfill your highest poten … Read more »

  • Wills and Estate Update due to COVID-19

    What’s that? Wills and powers of attorney can now be “virtually” signed and be legal? How has the Ontario government Emergency Order been interpreted and what does this mean for your practice? … Read more »

  • RRIFs, RSPs and Insurance Investments in Estate Planning

    There are many things to take into consideration when estate planning for your clients. One area which can be particularly tricky is how to account for registered financial investments like RSPs and RRIFs. … Read more »

  • Understanding COVID-19 Federal Programs

    Employers thought recent whipsawing between two revisions to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 in one year was confusing. That was nothing compared to the deluge of acronyms and information flooding us in this COVID-19 world. … Read more »