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  • Small Claims, Big Changes

    Early last year, the jurisdiction of Small Claims court increased from $25,000 to $35,000. Given this substantial increase, it is important for lawyers, paralegals and articling students to be effective in this court especially while they are proceeding through Zoom. … Read more »

  • Options for Resolving an Insolvent Estate

    In today’s featured MLA seminar, our presenter shares his knowledge surrounding options for resolving an insolvent estate. You will recall that being insolvent doesn’t mean bankruptcy (according to the BIA), and an estate trustee would have to take extra steps to file for bankruptcy. … Read more »

  • Mental Health in The Courtroom

    In today’s MLA featured seminar, we will focus on the ways in which our regulators deal with issues of mental illness in the context of disciplinary proceedings, and the extent to which regulatory assessments of professional conduct take (or ought to take) mental health issues into account. … Read more »

  • Brush Up Your Negotiation Skills

    In this week’s featured MLA seminar our presenters delve into the benefits of mediating estate litigation matters. Given the ongoing backlog of the courts, having strong negotiation skills is a great strength to have. … Read more »

  • How to Run Your Practice as a Business

    Today’s CCLA seminar features successful defense lawyers who run their own businesses. They will discuss the basics of running a practice from a business perspective and the lessons they’ve learned from doing so. … Read more »