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  • Was the At-Fault Driver Working & Why It Matters

    No one anticipates getting into a car accident, but the question of who pays for the damages can quickly become complicated if the at-fault party was working at the time. Read on to learn about establishing liability in a car accident and why it’s essential to determine whether the at-fault driver w … Read more »

  • Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Accidents in Huron County

    Despite laws, safety measures, and education programs, pedestrians still made up approximately 15% of total Canadian traffic fatalities in 2020. Pedestrians lucky enough to survive a collision often suffer lasting injuries and require extensive medical attention. The urban sprawl and physical differ … Read more »

  • How Do You Pay for Future Medical Care After an Injury?

    Future medical care is an often-overlooked aspect of a personal injury claim. Many plaintiffs don’t realize (or are not informed) that they can include future medical expenses to cover harm they will suffer in the months or years after the injury. What Is Future Medical Care? Future medical care inc … Read more »

  • Is it Time to Update My Will?

    Your Will is an essential legal document designating how your assets and property should be distributed after your death. Even though it might be uncomfortable, you shouldn’t just write your will once and lock it away without ever looking at it again. Things change over time, both personally and fin … Read more »

  • Your Rights if You Fell at a Business

    When you visit a restaurant, store, or any business, you trust that you will be safe during your time on their property. But a fall could happen in an instant and leave you seriously injured. After a severe fall, you might wonder who will pay for your medical bills or other associated damages. Here … Read more »