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  • Canadian Provinces at Odds Over Jury Vaccination Mandates

    Vaccination mandates have been making headlines for weeks, especially since the provincial government announced on September 22 that Ontario residents must have proof of vaccination to access gyms, movie theatres, concerts, or dine-in restaurants. More recently, there have been conversations about w … Read more »

  • Farm Connected to Mass COVID Outbreaks Facing Regulatory Charges

    Businesses are subject to a number of regulatory laws governing a wide variety of issues, from environmental controls to securities regulation, to health and safety obligations. Businesses that fail to meet their obligations under these various regulations may be subjected to significant fines under … Read more »

  • Denying Approval of a Proposed Class Action Settlement

    Class action proceedings, in which a representative plaintiff to bring a claim on behalf of a larger group (the “class”), are intended to improve access to justice. For example, it may be challenging for one person to find the time and resources needed to start a legal claim to obtain compensation f … Read more »

  • Court: Criminal History not Material to Life Insurance Policy

    People purchase home, life, and automobile insurance to protect themselves and their families from financial hardship after an accident, death, or property damage. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a conflict between the insurance company and the insured in terms of what should or will be covered in … Read more »

  • Will Ontario’s Proof of Vaccine System be Vulnerable to Fraud?

    Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, a number of changing health protocols have been put into place to limit the spread of the virus and keep people safe, including mask mandates, lockdowns, and travel restrictions. Now that much of the Canadian population is vaccinated, the provincial and … Read more »