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  • The Defence of Non Est Factum

    When debtors are sued for amounts owing under a contract, it is not unusual for them to plead the defence of non est factum.  This often serves as a defence of last resort.  However, it is a difficult defence to argue successfully as it only applies in a relatively narrow set of circumstances.  In t … Read more »

  • An Update on the Law of Deposits in Real Estate Transactions

    Deposits are a common feature of real estate transactions, standing as “security for the purchaser’s performance of the contract” (see Benedetto v. 2453912 Ontario Inc.).  But are there circumstances under which a buyer will be entitled to the return of a deposit for a failed purchase? The legal pri … Read more »

  • A Review of the Law of Quantum Meruit

    Sometimes, a party may provide services to another, expecting a contract to be signed between them, only to find that the contract never comes to fruition.  Alternatively, a party may provide services to another outside the scope of their contract or following the contract’s expiration.  In such sit … Read more »

  • A Review of the “Indoor Management Rule”

    It is common for businesses to have long-term relationships with particular individuals. Still, when someone new comes into the picture, a business may have questions about the level of authority that person has.  This issue can sometimes arise in the context of contracts between parties.  When can … Read more »

  • Contractual Terms and the Determination of Fair Value of Minority Shareholdings

    It is commonly understood that minority shareholders have certain protections under the Business Corporations Act.  This includes the right to dissent on a vote to approve certain significant corporate events, such as an amalgamation of the company or the sale of all of its property.  The requiremen … Read more »