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  • A Second to Breathe – A Poem

    First: A Catch-Up In lieu of doing something substantive at this stage (check out my Twitter for that) I want to do a bit of a remedy piece. These past two months due to the changes at the Firm and the influx of work, I have been writing submission letters, memorandums of arguments, presentation, an … Read more »

  • A Glass of Green Tea – A Poetic Narrative

    A glass of green tea is a beautiful thing. Greatly unappreciated – subsumed by the old, mashed up, fermented teas sold in these overly bright-coloured commercial shops that line my city; A city that often makes one lose their identities; I miss the young shoots standing upward in thrice filtered wat … Read more »

  • Post-Graduate Restoration Woes Continue – Ntamag and the Nookala R.182 IRPR Conundrum

    It has been awhile since I have written on post-graduate work permits and restoration but I feel inclined to do so as a result of a recent decision of the Federal Court in  Ntamag v. Canada (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship) 2020 FC 40.   Ntamag and Chief Justice Gagné’s Decision The facts are … Read more »

  • Race was Yesterday’s Problem (An Immigration-Themed Poem)

    Race was yesterday’s problem We’ve apologized to you people Made promises we (somewhat) still try to keep How many thousands more dollars do you need? They are your grandma’s pains of yesterday Why today do they run so deep? We’re a Charter-abiding nation We’re multicultural not racist To demonstrat … Read more »

  • Slow Down My Friend (A Poem)

    Slow down my friend I see that mind moving at a million miles an hour The chip on the shoulder – the connection to the strained brain Navigating both sun and rain, dark clouds lead to gaps in weather Whether you are stuttering and faltering, apologizing for forgetting But really you are apologizing  … Read more »