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  • The Snowball Effect

    Law School will present you with opportunities. Many opportunities. From your first day of stepping into your faculty’s law building you will have the chance to engage in a whole host of extracurriculars.Interested in a certain area of law? There’s (probably) an association for that. Want to get you … Read more »

  • 3 Reasons Why I chose UNB Law, and I Think You Should Too

    3 Reasons Why I Chose UNB Law, and I Think You Should Too1. Class sizeHaving done my undergraduate at Carleton University, I’m no stranger to big class sizes. Small class sizes are one of the most significant factors that tipped the scales towards UNB for me. This also means I know how much harder i … Read more »

  • Three Ways to Organize Your Notes in Law School

    About a month into law school, everyone is slowly beginning to get the hang of things and find the note-taking and study methods that work the best for them. The way people choose to take notes and organize their information throughout the term will differ, but if you’re looking for a general guide, … Read more »

  • Why Law School Might Be For You!

    There is a surprising amount of negativity when it comes to attending law school. If you have spoken to enough people about your decision to do so, then there is a fair chance you have come across a few naysayers. Some common criticisms regarding pursuing a legal career have merit — such as the cost … Read more »

  • How to Be Less Stressed During 1L

    Undoubtedly, the first year of law school can be challenging. Here are a few tips every 1L student can implement to reduce the anxiety of starting law school.Create a ScheduleAs cliche as it sounds, being organized in law school can help you be more efficient. Many people like using a planner to kee … Read more »