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  • Work Hard, Play Hard

    As the semester gets busier, here is your reminder to check in on your mental health.We are approaching the halfway mark of first semester, which means you still have halfway to go. Keep your energy up by adopting some strategies to maintain balance.1) Do something to let your brain relax.If you did … Read more »

  • Leadership Series Episode 29 with Norm Dotson

    This week Katya Rowley is joined by Norm Dotson! Norm is a Co-Founder of Confidant Consult, a multi-service law firm based in Detroit, Michigan. Norm obtained a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering with a minor in Global Supply Chain Management from Wayne State University, as well … Read more »

  • NCAA & The Fab Five

    Despite college athletes being closer to getting paid after the NCAA Board approved recent plans, are athletes getting fair market value and what their star is worth? Specifically, are college athletes being exploited financially, and what are the alternatives? Unequal contractual agreements and ine … Read more »

  • Day in the Life: Insurance

    As a law student, one of the things that I have found to be stressful is navigating the heavy school workload while trying to find out more about the legal profession and associated career paths. Coming into law school my knowledge of potential legal careers was minimal (to say the least). Most of w … Read more »

  • Tips to Crush Your In-Firm Interviews

    As OCIs are underway, many students will be hearing back soon about in-firm interviews. These interviews can be daunting, but there are many ways you can prepare and show up as your best self! The most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy yourself. This is an extremely abnormal intervie … Read more »