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  • Be Prepared for Driving in Winter Conditions

    Michael Henry Whether we like it or not, as Canadians we need to deal with the annual winter season and the cold, snow and ice that come along with it. The change in weather brings new driving conditions and your vehicle will handle differently in these conditions. Your ability to drive safely will … Read more »

  • Winter Cycling: Safety Tips for Cycling in A Winter Wonderland

    Michael Henry The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many elements of daily life in Ontario, including our transportation habits. During the warm summer months, many city dwellers elected to walk or cycle rather than take public transit or use ride-sharing options such as taxis to get around. With ongoin … Read more »

  • Holiday Health Hazards: Some Considerations for Safe Celebrations

    Michael Henry The December holiday season is usually a time of celebration with family and friends, featuring back-to-back festive events, special meals and other cherished social traditions. As with so many elements of day-to-day life in Ontario, this year’s holiday will look and feel different. Al … Read more »

  • December 6, 2020 – New Answers in the Havana Syndrome Investigation

    Howie, Sacks & Henry Partner Paul Miller comments on a newly-released American State Department report that concludes that “directed, pulsed radiofrequency energy” was the most likely cause of neurological symptoms experienced by diplomats and their families serving in Havana in 2016. This new under … Read more »

  • Campaign for National Standards for Long-Term Care Homes Reaches Parliament Hill

    Congratulations and thanks to our Partner Melissa Miller and the volunteer group Canadians 4 National LTC Standards who demonstrated on Parliament Hill in support of coordinated national long-term care standards on November 19, 2020. Canadians 4 National LTC Standards is a grassroots initiative that … Read more »