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  • Saskatchewan’s New Revenge Porn Law

    By Alan Kilpatrick Saskatchewan’s Privacy Act, RSS 1987, c P-24 was recently amended to introduce new avenues for victims of revenge porn to seek damages and justice.  Revenge porn includes the non-consensual distribution and sharing of intimate photographs, films, or videos. Justice Minister Don Mo … Read more »

  • Refreshing Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Copyright Web Presence

    By Alan Kilpatrick Good afternoon. In Fall 2017, I began a project to refresh and update Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s copyright website.  One year later, in Fall 2018, we launched a new public-facing copyright site for students, as well as an internal copyright site for staff, faculty, and course deve … Read more »

  • Saskatchewan Introduces Claire’s Law

    By Alan Kilpatrick Justice Minister Don Morgan introduced Bill 141: The Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol (Clare’s Law) Act to the Saskatchewan Legislature on November 5th, 2018.  Second reading of the bill occurred on April 2nd, 2019.  The legislation is intended to enable police to inform … Read more »

  • Two Years On: The Saskatchewan Libraries 2017 Budget Crisis

    By Alan Kilpatrick In March 2017, the Government of Saskatchewan announced that funding to Saskatchewan’s public library system was being reduced.  Shortly after the announcement, widespread public protest emerged throughout the province.  Approximately one month later, the Government reversed the f … Read more »

  • Law Librarian On Site

    By Alan Kilpatrick Need help with your legal research? Law Society of Saskatchewan librarian, Alan Kilpatrick, will be at RPL’s Central Branch as a “Law Librarian On Site” to help guide you through the many legal resources available. Please contact the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library for more in … Read more »