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  • Who Is Liable for a Motorcycle Accident in Nova Scotia?

    The joy of riding a motorcycle out on the open road can be shattered when there’s an accident involving another vehicle, especially a much larger vehicle. While there are laws and recommendations to protect motorcyclists, accidents still happen. Sometimes the motorcyclist is liable, but often, it’s … Read more »

  • Who Is Liable for a Bicycle Accident in Nova Scotia?

    When a vehicle gets into an accident with a bicycle, the size and force difference between the two modes of transportation means the bicyclist could take the brunt of the impact. It would seem logical that the vehicle would be liable, not the bicyclist. That’s often–but not always–the case. Here’s w … Read more »

  • Is Lane Splitting Legal in Nova Scotia?

    Motorcyclists often wonder if lane splitting is legal in Nova Scotia. The short answer is no–lane splitting is illegal in Nova Scotia. Read on to learn more about lane splitting, why it’s illegal, and what the ramifications are for someone who’s in an accident while lane splitting. What Is Lane Spli … Read more »

  • What Should You Do if You are Involved in a Car Accident in Sydney, Cape Breton?

    Should You Call the Police if You are Involved in a Car Accident in Sydney, Cape Breton? Calling the police after an accident is a good idea because it will help ensure a police report is completed which can then be used as evidence and can provide important details such as the time/place the accide … Read more »

  • What Is Nova Scotia’s Contributory Negligence Law?

    Being in an accident that led to being injured is traumatic enough, but when both sides claim the other was at fault for various reasons, the stress can multiply exponentially. It’s essential to have an understanding of Nova Scotia’s Contributory Negligence Law, which is likely to become important i … Read more »