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  • COVID-19 Employment and Benefit Updates

    As the COVID-19 health crisis continues, the provincial and federal governments continue to respond to this unprecedented chaos in real-time. The situation is an extraordinary circumstance and this is the moment to be aware of all steps that should be taken to protect your employment rights and your … Read more »

  • Updates for Ontario Employees Affected by COVID-19

    Federal Government Announces Emergency Relief Canada has created a new source of funding for workers who do not meet the test of traditional Employment Insurance benefits. Non-traditional employees such as freelancers, contract workers or those who earn other forms of income and who have not paid in … Read more »

  • Employee Safety & COVID-19

    We live in turbulent times. The world has been rocked by this unforeseen calamity known as the COVID-19 pandemic. We are concerned about our health, that of our friends and parents and now add to that rather unattractive set, a very serious risk of our economic livelihood and our financial stability … Read more »

  • Employment Contracts & Leaving an Employer

    In our prior post, we reviewed the issues that may arise when leaving your present employer to accept new employment. That post dealt primarily with a review of the concepts of inducement and misrepresentation. As mentioned in that article, the impact of an employment contract often arises when leav … Read more »