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  • Can an Employer Refuse to Hire Smokers in Canada?

    Smoking tobacco is widely known to increase health risks and reduce workplace productivity, with many smokers requiring numerous breaks throughout the day. This can have an impact on a company’s bottom line when it comes to health insurance premiums, absences and efficiency. However, are these reaso … Read more »

  • Mental Health Issues & Resignation

    The question of a mental disability and the need to accommodate this is a well-known concept. We have previously written about the need to accommodate cognitive disabilities as well as the human rights considerations relating to mental health at work. While human rights considerations are often the … Read more »

  • Addiction & An Employer’s Duty to Accommodate

    The Divisional Court has released a decision that will have an impact on future arbitral and common law cases considering an employee’s addictive behaviour and related misconduct. In this case, the employee was an R.N. employed by a public hospital. She was observed by a co-worker taking medications … Read more »

  • Employment Insurance & Parental Leave

    A new federal plan called the Parental Sharing Benefit is intended to encourage both new parents to take an active role in the care of newly born and newly adopted children. Parents with children born after March 17, 2019, are eligible to make use of the new parental sharing benefit for employment i … Read more »