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  • Recent Case awards $300,000 in Incremental Damages

    A recent Ontario case has awarded the plaintiff employee the sum of $200,000 in punitive damages and a further sum of $100,000 in aggravated damages or damages for emotional distress.[1] He was also awarded an agreed severance payment of roughly $71,000 representing 6 months salary. The latter sum w … Read more »

  • Summary Judgment

    Ontario courts allow for an easy process to ask a judge to decide the merits of a case. It is called a “summary” method of deciding the case. “Summary” is intended in this context to mean easy or at least, easier. This means that there is no need to have a trial with live witnesses. The case is brou … Read more »

  • The Job Interview

    Often an employer will make oral statements intended to persuade or entice a prospective candidate to join its employment. These statements can be important for two reasons. Inducement The first is that where the employer takes the initiative to recruit an employee from secure employment, this is kn … Read more »

  • Probationary Employee Given Three Months’ Severance

    A recent decision of the Court of Appeal of P.E.I.[1] awarded a probationary employee three months’ severance. The case revolved around the wording of an employment agreement, which was drafted awkwardly to the advantage of the employee. The plaintiff was hired in the position of Marketing and Commu … Read more »

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