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  • Update on Notice Periods in Mass Terminations

    In a prior post, we reviewed the notice requirements under the provincial Employment Standards Act (the Act) with respect to a mass termination in the context of a decision released in 2017 by the Ontario Superior Court. In the case, 77 employees of a manufacturing plant were set to be let go due to … Read more »

  • Costs & Human Rights Matters

    As discussed in a prior post, the issue of legal costs can be an important factor in deciding whether to pursue or settle a civil claim arising from the termination of employment or other employment issues. The origin of this question stems from the default setting in civil cases that the losing par … Read more »

  • Sexual Addiction and Disability in Employment Law

    The basis of establishing a disability clearly may include physical and/or emotional issues. The definition of what may or may not be considered a disability in an employment context is ever-evolving within Canadian employment law. Basics of the Theory One recent case out of Nova Scotia considered w … Read more »

  • Harassment in the Workplace: Rights and Obligations

    Not everyone loves going to their place of work every day. Maybe the commute is too long, or the air conditioner is always set extremely high, requiring bulky sweaters in July. But what happens when the source of the discomfort comes from negative comments, mistreatment or even harassment from cowor … Read more »