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  • The Right to Unplug

    The newly amended Employment Standards Act may have created a context in which an employee may legally be able to disconnect their phone from the demands of the office. There is some precedent for this. European countries such as France passed a law allowing employees to turn off their devices when … Read more »

  • Vicarious Liability

    Innocent Employer Takes the Hit for Employee’s Failings Vicarious liability is a legal concept which holds a company responsible for the wrongdoing of an employee or employees. If a vicarious liability argument is successful, there is no need to establish any improper conduct of the company. The lia … Read more »

  • Temporary Lay-Off – A Complicated Issue

    In a recent case[1], the court considered the complex question of a temporary lay-off and the ramifications of a request made by the employer for a return to work. Lay-Off as Termination Many employers believe that the law provides to them the right to effect a short term lay-off. This is a mistaken … Read more »

  • Common Law as a Dynamic Process

    Judge made law, known as “common law”, is a continuous process of development. It is far from static. Most decisions of courts on employment law matters are based on common law precedent. Generally speaking the higher the level of court, the more authoritative are its decisions which then are to be … Read more »

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