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  • The End of CERB & Other COVID Updates

    Below, we provide an overview of important employment-related updates across Canada and in Ontario. CERB Ending in September The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program is set to terminate as of the end of September. The Prime Minister has announced that persons in receipt of CERB will, how … Read more »

  • Layoff Protections for Employers set to Expire September 4th

    You may hear soon in the news that Ontario has ended the period of the emergency. This is true, with caveats. The province has now proposed a law that will end the state of emergency retroactively as of July 24. This, however, does not end the impact of the emergency as many of the orders made durin … Read more »

  • Court: Contract Term Withholding Stock Vesting Rights Unfair

    Many companies offer to their employees stock option benefits which are often a valuable form of compensation. These option plans are often complicated, however. The traditional plan offers the employee the right to buy the shares of the company at a pre-determined price, typically the closing price … Read more »

  • Changes Coming to WSIB?

    We have commented previously on workers’ compensation and the present chaos of the COVID-19 crisis. As noted in that post, the Workers’ Compensation Board is not particularly employee-friendly. This may soon change, however, due to a new private members bill. Proposed Law The bill, which has receive … Read more »