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  • Human Rights Tribunal Decides Remedy in “Citizenship” Case

    In a prior posting, we discussed the “liability” or fault decision of the Human Rights Tribunal in an unusual and dramatic case. That decision found that the employer had acted in a manner contrary to the Human Rights Code when it required that all new hires be eligible to work in Canada on a perman … Read more »

  • The Oddities of Connected Employment

    Take a very common fact situation. Company A is the long-term employer of a 64-year-old welder who has worked for Company A for 36 years. Company A is now being sold to Company B. Company A agrees to pay the employee the statutory notice which in this case amounts to 8 weeks. The employee signs a re … Read more »

  • Voting Accommodation for Employees

    Canadians will go to the voting booths on October 21st to elect their federal Member of Parliament. The right to vote is an important public right for which protections have been created to ensure that employees have sufficient time off work to vote. Persons eligible to vote should be aware of their … Read more »

  • Unionized Workers & Employment Rights

    Employees form unions to bargain collectively for various financial benefits and other rights. One right given to unionized workers is the right to protest or “grieve” employment conflicts that may arise in the workplace. The overall terms of employment are found in a contract called a “collective a … Read more »