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    A couple of more COVID related announcements: Federal Court of Appeal has extended (link) its suspension period to May 29th, from the previously announced May 15th (the same as the Federal Court) CIPO has extended the period of designated days through to May 29th, from the previously announced May 1 … Read more »

  • Appointments

    Andrew Little of Bennett Jones was appointed to the Federal Court today. Justice René LeBlanc of the Federal Court was elevated to the Federal Court of Appeal to replace Justice Gauthier, who elected to become a supernumerary judge. Announcements: Justice Andrew Little Justice René LeBlanc An appoin … Read more »

  • Federal Court

    The Federal Court has issued an updated Practice Notice and Order relating to the suspension and resumption of hearings due to COVID-19. The Court’s Suspension Period is extended to May 29th and regular hearings up to June 29th are adjourned sine die with exceptions. Read more »


    The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has extended the Suspension Period due to COVID-19 through May 15 so that affected time limits ending on any of these designated days will now be extended until May 19, 2020 (link). CIPO also indicated that the Client Service Centre will resume its intellect … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Trademarks

    I’m quoted by the Canadian Press in an article today about “COVID” trademarks filed in the last several weeks. The article discusses the following trademarks: 2020350 – COVIDDEFENCE 2019266 – COVID-19 2019298 – COVID-19 PREVENTION AND CARE Read more »