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  • Comments on UFC 249 from the CSAC, ABC and ARP

    It is rumoured that UFC 249 will take place at the Tachi Palace Casino resort in Lemoore California.  The venue is owned and operated by the Tachi-Yokut Tribe.  Like other tribal jurisdictions independence is enjoyed from State laws relating to combative sports. The Tachi Palace Casino announced on … Read more »

  • Association of Ringside Physicians Recommends Suspension of “All” Combat Sports Events

    Last month in the face of the evolving Covid-19 global pandemic the Association of Ringside Physicians recommended “that all governing bodies in combat sports adhere to current CDC guidelines regarding mass gatherings“. This week the ARP tightened their position and flat out stated that “all” combat … Read more »

  • Study – Rapid Weight Cuts in Judo Athletes Causes Muscle Damage

    In the latest study addressing health and safety consequences from rapid extreme weight cutting in combat sports, the Journal of Translational Medicine published results noting that rapid extreme weight cuts caused skeletal muscles to be “damaged to a significant extent” in judokas. In the recent st … Read more »

  • Fighter Contracts and Covid 19 – The Law of “Force Majeure” and “Frustration”

    Promoters agree to promote and fighters agree to fight.   In the midst of the Corona Virus global pandemic, however, neither are likely to be able to fulfill their obligations. So what happens if a fighter refuses to compete at a scheduled event because of the pandemic or if a promoter refuses to tr … Read more »

  • Pro Kickboxing Officially Legal in BC

    In August, 2019 the BC Government announced plans to legalize pro kickboxing in the Province.  To do the Minister’s Athletic Commissioner Regulation required amendment. Today the office of the BC Athletic Commissioner announced that Professional Kickboxing is now legal in the Province as the relevan … Read more »