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  • France to Legalize Pro and Amateur MMA as of January 1, 2020

    France is one of the most high profile countries yet to legalize Mixed Martial Arts.  Today it was announced that the longstanding ban will be coming to an end as of January 1, 2020. Roxana Maracineanu, France’s Minister of Sports, tweeted the following announcement noting the sport will be legalize … Read more »

  • Let’s Talk the Toe Kick Oilcheck and MMA’s Unified Rules

    Update: MMA refereeing pioneer and co-writer of the unified rules John McCarthy was kind enough to weigh in with his views on this topic: _________________________________________________ The now famous toe kick oilcheck.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about I can do no better job describing th … Read more »

  • Documenting Bare Knuckle Boxing Legality

    When this site started several years back MMA was illegal in certain jurisdictions and regulatory progress was mapped out.  Now Bare Knuckle Boxing “BKB” is walking a similar path and its regulatory story, much like MMA’s, is intriguing as many athletic commissions use creative reasoning in allowing … Read more »

  • NYSAC’s Chief Medical Officer Calls For Standardized Concussion Screening in Boxing and MMA

    Just as regulatory standards differ across jurisdictions when it comes to combative sports, so do concussion/brain injury screening protocols before and after a bout.  Hoping to change this scattered landscape Dr. Nitin K Sethi, the Chief Medical Officer, New York State Athletic Commission and Assoc … Read more »

  • Shedding Light on Known Dangers from Chokes in Combat Sports

    While some doctors are debating whether routine chokes in combat sports have negative impact on brain function similar to concussion (a topic where more research is needed) it is worth pointing out that there are known risks to the dangers of chokes. After reading some posts from this site Dr. Smock … Read more »

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