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  • Deepa Tailor: not your typical old-school lawyer

    View the original article by published an article about Deepa Tailor bringing a new perspective and outlook to lawyers and law firms. The article’s excerpt is below. Mississauga lawyer Deepa Tailor brings a fresh, progressive approach to what is traditionally thou … Read more »

  • Bencher candidate Tailor looks to bring ‘fresh perspective’ to LSO

    View the original article by published an article about Deepa Tailor’s candidature for the Bench. The article’s excerpt is below. Mississauga family lawyer Deepa Tailor says she is running for Law Society of Ontario (LSO) bencher because the “regulation of the leg … Read more »

  • Representing Fathers in Family Law

    What Legal Rights Do Fathers in Ontario Have with Regard to Their Child? There do not exist any actual “rights to a child” for mothers or fathers. The job of a judge or collaborative law team is to determine the issues of custody, access, and support based on the best interests of the child. That be … Read more »

  • Making Sense of Severance: What You Need to Understand About “Severance”

    Much of a lawyer’s job is to clarify various misconceptions that clients have about the law – i.e., about how our society addresses problems that people commonly encounter.  Legal jargon can seem almost intentionally designed to confuse, and the terminology we use the area of employment and labour l … Read more »

  • Collaborative Family Law

    What is collaborative family law? Collaborative family law is a method of resolving disputes that takes place outside of the court system, in which both parties to the dispute work together with their family lawyers to arrive at a resolution. The first step in resolving a family law issue collaborat … Read more »

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