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    LGBT Family Law is the progression of family law, including challenges faced by the LGBT community. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender refers to LGBT. Most couples of the same gender face unique challenges and aspire to live a healthy life and care for their family members daily. How difficult i … Read more »


    Ending a relationship is never easy! The time before and after a breakup can be frustrating; all the arguing, anxiety, and fear of what is about to come can make a person go mad. In such circumstances, you must take adequate care of your mental and physical health. You need to give yourself a lot of … Read more »

  • A Quick Guide to Child Custody and Access

    Purpose of the Guide The purpose of this guide is to explain what it means for a parent to have custody and access. For a parent, their child is amongst their primary concerns. It is natural for any parent to wonder what will happen to their child and how will they be raised since the way the family … Read more »

  • Diligent preparation by clients can cut legal costs: Tailor

    View the original article by published an article about Deepa Tailor who talks about how thorough preparation can help the clients cut legal costs. To reduce billable hours in family law cases, clients need to be well prepared for meetings and respond in a timely … Read more »

  • Seek informed divorce advice when dealing with autism issues

    View the original article by published an article about Deepa Tailor who talks about how a couple should get professional divorce advice when dealing with autism issues. The article’s excerpt is below. Child support, custody, and access issues arising in a divorce … Read more »