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Our blog focuses on plaintiff issues in personal injury, marine law, and estate disputes.

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  • Keeping Bequests Out of In-Law’s Hands

    It’s very common for parents to be concerned about how their children will use their inheritances and many worry about assets falling outside of the family – often as a result of subsequent divorce or separation of the child. For those who are concerned about this, a traditional gift in a will is li … Read more »

  • Land Title Choices with Co-Ownership

    Breaking into the expensive B.C. real estate market is proving increasingly out of reach for many Canadians due to the rising cost of property in the province. In order to purchase an investment property in B.C. in a more affordable manner, many are choosing to purchase property together with a fami … Read more »

  • Missing Will: Executor Can’t Locate the Will, What Now?

    It’s common for people to desire a sense of privacy and confidentiality when they prepare their last will and testament. For some, the risk that loved ones might be insulted or angered by the inheritances you chose to gift them with is enough reason to keep the will away from their eyes. This can cr … Read more »

  • Co-Ownership Agreements: Enabling More Affordable Home Ownership while Protecting Rights Over a Shared Asset

    What is a Co-Ownership Agreement? A co-ownership agreement is a type of contract often used by two or more people who buy an asset together, for example a house. It details the rights and responsibilities of each owner of the property, governing anything from the business relationship between the pa … Read more »

  • Ethical Wills: Leaving Your Legacy as Part of the Estate Plan

    Often people are aware of what a last will and testament is – legal bequests for how they wish for their estate to be distributed to loved ones upon their passing. Another type of will is the living will – a will that specifies how one wishes for their medical issues to be handled while they’re stil … Read more »