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Our blog focuses on plaintiff issues in personal injury, marine law, and estate disputes.

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  • Helping those unfairly disinherited: Estate law blogs – now translated into Chinese

    We’re pleased to post our five of our estate litigation blogs in Chinese!  These blogs cover under influence, reasons to challenge an unfair will, who has standing to challenge a will, and the remedies available to those who have been unjustly disinherited.  If a person has been unfairly disinherite … Read more »

  • Children’s ICBC Claims: The Clock is Ticking

    ICBC Claims Involving Children   What happens when a child is harmed in a car accident? Minors (those under 19 years of age) who have been harmed in car accidents have a right to make an injury claim through ICBC.  Like adults, they are entitled to no-fault benefits and may also be entitled to addit … Read more »

  • ICBC Claims: when the trip from A to B involves a crash

    Most people use roadways every day, unfortunately, some of these trips result in collisions and injuries.  Fortunately, those who have been involved in collisions on roadways in British Columbia and are injured can make ICBC claims to access benefits.  However, the benefits available through ICBC de … Read more »

  • Cyclist claims for being doored: Who is responsible?

    Driver’s responsibilities don’t end once parked Once a driver’s car is safely parked, their responsibility isn’t quite finished.  While getting out of a car can seem like such an innocuous act, there are dangers to ourselves and others. Cyclists in particular are vulnerable to doors opening suddenly … Read more »

  • Estate law video blogs in English, Punjabi & Hindi: Helping those Unfairly Disinherited

    Can those unfairly disinherited challenge a will in BC? Many people in British Columbia discover that they have been unfairly excluded from an estate by their spouse or their parent. Often, the reasons given for the exclusion are unfair or even discriminatory.  Sometimes the exclusion may be motivat … Read more »