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  • Dangers of Foam Pits: Influencers Injured at Twitch Convention in San Francisco

    News of two people injured at a Twitch streaming convention “Twitch Con” spread on social media after Twitch live streamer Adriana Chechik tweeted that she had broken her back in two places after jumping into a foam pit. A video clip of her jump into the foam pit spread quickly on Twitter and other … Read more »

  • Cohabitation Agreements: The Basics

    As housing markets around the world make living alone unattainable for many, and as modern relationship norms change, cohabitation agreements are gaining in popularity. Cohabitation agreements are often used by couples, but can be useful to anyone who lives in a property they share jointly with anot … Read more »

  • Testamentary Incapacity- Appointing a Committee in BC

    Many people beginning their estate plan fail to consider the possibility that they will become intellectually incapable as a result of a degenerative disease, like dementia. For the family of people experiencing degenerative disease, the implications of the illness on their estate plan is often the … Read more »

  • Varying a Trust: Courts Approving Trust Fund Modifications

    As part of the estate planning process, it’s common for people to give gifts through trust accounts to specify terms for when and how funds and gifts can be distributed. Further, trusts can be created as purpose trust accounts where the funds are to be used for a specific purpose. Some common trust … Read more »

  • Shared Asset Division Denied: BC Court Refuses to Compel Sale of Tenanted Shared Asset

    Many couples own shared assets, and it is not uncommon for couples to hold tenanted investment properties together. Unfortunately, when a relationship ends the division of these shared assets becomes necessary and may require that the shared assets be sold to divide the proceeds. When the shared ass … Read more »