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                               The Eldridge’s met on an archeological dig, married in 1977, and as archeologists worked together in their consulting business, Millenia, for several years. Four children were born and Ms. Eldridge became their primary caregiver while her husband travelled to work sites. T … Read more »

  • Abuse Directed at Counsel is Grounds for Special Costs

     It happens in family law. Your client’s husband or wife, enraged at their spouse’s independence, usually marked by their retention of family law counsel, levels unwarranted, abusive attacks on their spouse’s lawyer. It can happen whether the attacking spouse is self-represented or has counsel. The … Read more »


    On November 23, 2023, Justice Myers presided over a high-conflict estate case, Rai v. Rai 2023 ONSC 7182, where the applicant identified 23 heads of relief, against five parties, including the Public Trustee, and sought orders for the revocation of a power of attorney; an order for the appointment o … Read more »

  • Anachronistic and Stereotypical Ontario Cases Rejected by BC Court

    After five years together, the parties in McCann v. Barens 2023 BCSC 2000 separated on Sept. 15, 2015, and Shaune Barens obtained a protection order against his wife, Jennifer McCann, on Sept. 23, 2015. The protection order was renewed on Sept. 29, 2015, when McCann failed to attend the follow-up he … Read more »

  • Court Denies Application for Limited Transcripts for Family Law Appeal

    In JP v. KS 2023 BCCA 408 the court considered whether the registrar of the court had erred by denying JP’s application to submit limited portions of the oral transcripts from the court below for his family law appeal. The main issue on appeal was whether the trial judge erred in law by adopting cer … Read more »