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  • Unmeritorious Claim Drawn Out by Exploiting Rules of Court

      There seems to be a plethora of cases where unwitting parents transfer the legal title of real estate to their son or daughter, only to be caught up in costly and time-consuming litigation when their adult child separates from his or her spouse, and that spouse alleges an interest in the real esta … Read more »

  • KEEPING IT OUT OF COURT: Dispute Resolution for the Family Business

    A. INTRODUCTION A source of great pride for many families is their multi-generational family business, a complex, dynamic organism that combines familial and business components. Unfortunately, the family business can slide into dysfunction when issues arise that would be foreign to a business where … Read more »

  • Family Arbitration: Jurisdiction and Self-Reps

     With the September 2020 amendments to British Columbia’s Family Law Act, family arbitration provisions that were once found in the Arbitration Act RSBC 1996 c. 55 are now incorporated into B.C.’s family law legislation and judicial decisions under the new provisions are eagerly welcomed by family l … Read more »

  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive

    Mehran Taherkhani and Rosa Donna Este were married in July 2004. Shortly before their marriage they entered into a handwritten agreement that provided that all property owned by each of them would remain the separate property of the owner, and that any increases in value would also be excluded from … Read more »


       Child abduction is the worst kind of child abuse. To wrongfully remove a child from his or her primary parent is the ultimate weapon used by a warring parent. This truism is amply displayed in the case of Y.Q. v. J.D. 2021 BCSC  943 and 2021 BCSC 1185.  While the facts in this case are not unusua … Read more »