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  • Appeal Court Says No Bias, But Allows Appeal

    It will inevitably come up in your law practice. You finish a hearing, get the Reasons, experience the disappointment, and then, while formulating the grounds of appeal, consider an appeal based on a reasonable apprehension of bias. Was the judge sneering, did he sternly caution counsel, did your cl … Read more »

  • Why Bother? Hopeless Appeal Dismissed

    I sometimes wonder why a litigant would bother to challenge a case that they will so obviously lose…even more curious is when they lose, but carry on, by appealing…Kraemer v. Kraemer is such a case, 2020 ONCA 91. Larry and Stacey Kramer married in 2001, but ended their marriage in 2015. In the spiri … Read more »

  • Nine-day Trial a “Crushing Weight” with No Gain, Says Judge

    In a recent costs decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Mr. Justice Pedlar decried the “crushing weight” of a 9-day trial accompanied by a huge risk of costs and the unfathomable stress on the parties. Calver v. Calver 2019 ONSC 7317. The Calver’s were married for four years of a rela … Read more »

  • Filing a Lien on Your Spouse’s Home is Easy to Do in British Columbia

    Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Are you worried that your spouse may sell or mortgage the home you live in with him or her, without your consent? What if you want to file a lien on a property you live in with your spouse? Do you have to start a lawsuit or is there an easier way? The good new … Read more »

  • Borrowing on Family Property to Acquire New Property Will be Traced by the Court

    With the introduction of “excluded property” into British Columbia’s family property law, cases continue to be released providing guidance to lawyers and separating couples alike. The Appeal Court in KPB v. KE 2019 BCCA 152 considered whether the husband’s use of a line of credit secured by the part … Read more »