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  • The Changes to the Federal Divorce Act (Canada)

    The recent changes to the Divorce Act (Canada) were implemented under Bill C-78, which received Royal Assent on June 21, 2019 and came into force on March 1, 2021.  There are a number of changes that Bill C-78 impose, and it is important to familiarize yourself with these changes as they affect your … Read more »

  • How to Effect Safe and Valid Signings of Estate Documents During Covid-19

    During this time of social distancing, there are methods to validly sign estate planning documents to enable clients to finalize their personal planning while still remaining safe. In BC, a Will must be signed at the end in the presence of two adult, independent witnesses.  For Powers of Attorney in … Read more »

  • The New Lawyer, Collaborative Law, Access to Justice and COVID-19: Some Thoughts

    After years of intransient and pernicious access to justice challenges, including unaffordability, delays and undue complexity, and increasing numbers of litigants representing themselves by necessity and choice, there is a growing consensus that the justice system requires fundamental reform.  As t … Read more »

  • Probate and Estate Administration During Social Distancing

    Heritage Law continues to assist clients with probates and estate administration matters during social distancing. Despite the British Columbia Supreme Court suspending all regular operations on March 19, 2020 until further notice, the Probate Registry is still open for processing paper applications … Read more »

  • New Transparency Register Requirements for BC Companies

    There are important upcoming changes to corporate law in BC, specifically the requirement of private companies to create and maintain a Transparency Register, which is a register of individuals having significant control over a company. A new required Transparency Register must list: any individual … Read more »