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  • Civility vs. Advocacy – Case Comment on Groia v. LSUC (SCC)June 4, 2018

    On June 1, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a highly anticipated decision: Groia v Law Society of Upper Canada, 2018 SCC 27. Joe Groia, a commercial litigator practicing in Toronto, was appealing a finding of professional misconduct by the Law Society of Upper Canada.   While defending … Read more »

  • When an Impaired Charge Can be PardonedMay 31, 2018

    Few Canadians would be surprised to find out that being charged with impaired driving is not only serious but can carry severe consequences.  Despite this, impaired driving offences are one of the most common offences to be charged in the Criminal Code. Further, individuals who have been convicted o … Read more »

  • Travelling and Mistake of LawMay 31, 2018

    We live in a great time for international travel.  With ever-increasing economic accommodation alternatives ranging from Airbnb to daily seat sales on flights, it has never been so easy to travel.  Traveling can be an exciting and life-changing adventure. This article only deals with Canadian law.  … Read more »

  • The Degrees of MurderMay 30, 2018

    Few offenses in the Criminal Code garner as much attention as murder.  There is often confusion between what differentiates first and second-degree murder.  The difference between the two is not complex but making out a case for first-degree murder remains a high bar to meet for the prosecution.  Fo … Read more »

  • Criminal Conspiracy Charges and Why They Can be ComplicatedMay 22, 2018

    Criminal conspiracy allegations are often complex. In many conspiracy cases the evidence is circumstantial, and for the accused to be found guilty, a number of key elements need to be proven. Below are some of the most important elements of the offence. Agreement of Parties In order to make out a cr … Read more »