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  • Why You Need a Lawyer Following a Domestic Violence ChargeJune 8, 2017

    Being charged with a criminal offence can be devastating.  Many people believe that because they are innocent, they do not require a lawyer, or that a lawyer is an unnecessary expense.  This is usually a mistake.  A big mistake. The criminal justice system is not always sympathetic or understanding. … Read more »

  • Good Samaritan Drug Overdose ActMay 9, 2017

    Last week, the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act (the Act) received Royal Assent and became law in Canada. This change in the law has the potential to save lives while our country currently faces an opioid crisis.  The recent opioid crisis seems largely tied to Fentanyl and its growing popularity amo … Read more »

  • Toronto Criminal Law: Facing a Drug ChargeApril 15, 2017

    Recent news headlines on drugs have been split between the Liberal government’s promise to legalize marijuana and the wave of drug overdoses related to fentanyl use. These issues, despite their many facets, are surprisingly straightforward when compared to complex drug investigations and take-downs … Read more »

  • The Criminal Appeal Process in OntarioMarch 21, 2017

      A criminal conviction can be a significant and life changing event with wide-ranging negative consequences.  It is important to be aware that many criminal convictions can be appealed.  An appeal can be made against conviction, sentence, a verdict of unfit to stand trial, or a finding of not crimi … Read more »

  • Lawfully Filming PoliceFebruary 2, 2017

    Few inventions in the past thirty years have had a greater impact on law enforcement than the video camera.  The realities of police violence can be hidden easily behind corroborated reports of police officers, until of course, events are captured on video.  The March 3, 1991 video taken of a group … Read more »