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  • Personal Injury Protection in Ontario Explained

    Types of Insurance Coverage There are countless types of insurance policies available throughout Ontario, and much of that coverage is mandatory. When it comes to auto policies, the options are especially broad. You are required to carry a minimum level of coverage, but you have the option for a var … Read more »

  • Can I Receive Disability for Panic Attacks?

    Can You Get Disability for Panic Attacks? Disability for panic attacks is available for Ontario residents. This is usually granted under the individual’s long-term disability insurance. However, long term disability benefits are only available to individuals that have suffered from this condition fo … Read more »

  • Mental Health Disorders That Qualify for Disability

    You might be asking yourself “What is Mental Health Disorder?”. Is it the same as Mental Illness? And does it qualify for disability in the same way as Mental Illness? Also called Mental Health Conditions, Mental Health Disorders or Mental Illness are terms used interchangably by the Canadian govern … Read more »

  • Catastrophic Injury in Ontario

    All personal injuries should be viewed as serious. Even if you can make a speedy recovery from the injury, it was severe at the time it occurred. However, some injuries are considered catastrophic. The definition of catastrophic injury in Ontario is “Any injury that causes the victim to suffer long- … Read more »

  • Private Disability Insurance Lawyers: Are You Getting ALL the Disability Benefits You Deserve?

    Getting private disability insurance in Canada can be a challenge. The vast majority of claims are denied the first time around. Or they’re simply paid out for a short period and then stopped. At that point, applicants need help getting disability benefits reinstated. The most common solution: priva … Read more »