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  • Calculating Settlement Value of a Personal Injury Case in Ontario

    Calculating settlement value of a personal injury case can be difficult and complicated. There are several factors at play in determining the value of a personal injury and it is important to understand some basic facts about what a personal injury is, how the court views them and how they determine … Read more »

  • Post-Concussion Syndrome Settlement Value in Ontario

    Any brain injury can be devastating, and more evidence has been discovered that even a mild concussion can lead to long-term effects, especially if someone suffers several concussions close together. A concussion can occur in a car accident, assault, in a sporting event, or on the job. No matter how … Read more »

  • Suing for Professional Negligence in Ontario

    Suing for professional negligence in Ontario is possible. Professionals such as accountants, engineers or doctors are held to a higher standard than other professions as they are stewards of the public trust. When a professional makes a serious mistake that falls to the level of negligence, it is po … Read more »

  • Long-Term Disability Claim Denials for COVID-19 Long Haulers

    COVID-19 and Canadians Although details are still coming in, a recent study conducted by the Public Health Agency of Canada found that about half of COVID-19 patients were still dealing with symptoms more than 12 weeks after their positive diagnosis. These patients, known as “long haulers,” are now … Read more »

  • How to Prove Negligence in a Car Accident?

    Being injured in an accident can be extremely stressful as you may be in pain while also wondering how you will protect your family financially. When your injuries are caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, it can be even more frustrating. These tips can help you understand how to prov … Read more »