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  • How Long Will Your Projects Really Last?

    The Good News: The Givens of M&A Projects For professionals who love to plan, the plus side of M&A projects is their predictable structure. Whether you’re acquiring or selling, the steps proceed the same way every time. From the offering memorandum to valuation and due diligence, there’s an establis … Read more »

  • The Tech Exits Process: How to Sell Your Tech Company

    In tech entrepreneurship, the traditional route of building a company, achieving profitability, and waiting for the right buyer is becoming outdated. The evolution of the tech exits process is reshaping the landscape, emphasizing proactivity, strategy and early planning. 1. You May Not Know that You … Read more »

  • Introducing Redact All

    Protecting sensitive data is a critical part of the deal process. Firmex Redact lets you easily hide, contain, and protect PII and other sensitive information without leaving your virtual data room, to minimize organizational risk and ensure compliance with rules and regulations such as GDPR, PIPEDA … Read more »

  • Unveiling the Art of Deal Sourcing for M&A Advisors

    The first, and often most important, step to any deal — deal sourcing — is the search for investment opportunities that align with a client’s strategic objectives. It involves uncovering valuable opportunities and is the foundation for constructing a resilient strategy. As the M&A landscape changes, … Read more »

  • Navigating the Path to Success: What You Need to Know About Counterparties in M&A

    Getting an M&A deal done hinges not only on financials and logistics, but heavily on finding and getting to know the right counterparty. Navigating this process requires planning, time and plenty of discussion.  Typically, you only get one shot at selling your company, so ensuring that you and your … Read more »