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  • Long-Term Care Benefits Denied by Insurance Company

    Jason purchased long-term care insurance 20 years ago to alleviate his children from the burden of long-term care costs and ensure he was taken care of in his senior years if the need arose. Jason paid his insurance premiums religiously, but when he became ill and required ongoing assistance, Jason’ … Read more »

  • Has Your Long Term Disability Been Terminated [Video]?

    You have seen little if any improvement in your physical and mental health, but your long term disability has been terminated. You have not received the go-ahead from your doctor to return to work, and you continue to take the same or more medication. So, how can the insurance company doctor who bar … Read more »

  • Has Your Long Term Disability Claim Been Denied [Video]?

    Your long term disability claim has been denied, and your insurer has offered you to appeal its decision. At this point, you need to pause and think for a moment…what are the chances that the same insurance company that denied your claim will overturn its own decision? I’ve been a long term disabili … Read more »

  • Injured from a Fall Due to Ice or Snow? You Must Act Very Quickly!

    As of January 29, 2021 Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act was amended to add a requirement of written notice for claims arising from injuries caused by snow and ice. If you’ve been injured from a fall due to snow or ice in Ontario, you have ONLY 10 DAYS to provide written notice by registered mail t … Read more »

  • Long Term Disability and Psychological Distress [Video]

    Admitting that you might be suffering from mental health issues can be difficult, but facing your problem can help your disability claim. People who are suffering from mental health issues tend to blame their workplace and employer for psychological distress. Focusing on your employer can undermine … Read more »