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  • Personal Injury Potential Settlement Values: Leg and Ankle Injuries

    Lower extremity (leg, knee and ankle) injuries tend to occur over a wide range of unfortunate accidents.  As a general rule, less impact is required for knee and ankle injuries which can result from a slip and fall or a less impactful motor vehicle accident.  In contrast, the femur (thigh) – which i … Read more »

  • Personal Injury Potential Settlement Values: Hip and Pelvis Injuries

    Hip and pelvis injuries were once a common result of motor vehicle accidents. But with advanced safety features including lower console and lower door side airbags, these injuries have been greatly reduced. However they remain a prominent outcome of slip/trip and fall accidents, particularly for the … Read more »

  • Personal Injury Potential Settlement Values: Wrist and Hand Injuries

    In our previous article, we discussed arm injuries and how they are often caused by defensive instincts just before impact from a motor vehicle accident. Similarly, wrist and hand injuries are often defensive, and particularly common in slip and fall accidents. In this article, we will take a look a … Read more »

  • Dress Down for Brain Injury Awareness Month This June

    June is Brain Injury Awareness Month. In Canada, approximately 160,000 Canadians suffer brain injuries every year with incidence and reporting rates continuing to rise. The prevalence of brain injury outpaces breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and HIV/AIDS combined, and it remain … Read more »

  • Personal Injury Potential Settlement Values: Arm Injuries

    Arm injuries are often caused by instinctively holding out ones arm as a defensive action just before accident impact and sometimes due to the impact from air bags deployed at explosive speeds. In this article, we will take a look at four arm injuries and historical examples of the personal injury s … Read more »