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  • Car Accident Checklist

    What to do if you are in a car accident in B.C. In a split second, your average commute could take a drastic turn if you are involved in a car accident. At Slater Vecchio we want you to be well equipped to handle this situation calmly and effectively. The time immediately following an accident can b … Read more »

  • Winter Driving: If Only She Knew

    A Terrible Tragedy On a cold February day, the snow is blowing across the highway. The visibility is poor and the road is a sheet of ice. A car stops in the middle of the highway, and a truck doesn’t see it before it is too late. It crashes into the car, killing the driver, leaving the family withou … Read more »

  • Sun’s Out, Bikes Out!

    The sun is finally shining in Vancouver and the bikes are out in full force. Before you pedal off, it’s a good idea to brush up on your basic safety tips in order to keep yourself out of harm’s way: Plan ahead Plan your route and be sure to choose the safest way of getting there and back. Check out  … Read more »

  • Slater Vecchio LLP Announces New Partners

    [VANCOUVER, BC May 28, 2018—] Slater Vecchio is very pleased to announce that associates Aimee King, Nicole Kelly, and Saro Turner have become Partners of the Firm. Aimee, Saro, and Nicole have all spent the entirety of their legal careers with Slater Vecchio. Each of our new partners has exceptiona … Read more »

  • Home Security: Renter Edition

    Are you one of the nearly 50% of all British Columbians that rent a unit in a multi-person housing complex? Here are some key things to keep in mind before and after signing your lease:   Before signing a lease   Research local crime You’ve finally found it, your dream apartment. Everything about it … Read more »