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  • Other manufacturers hit with DMDM Hydantoin lawsuits

    In March 2020, Slater Vecchio LLP filed a lawsuit against manufacturing conglomerate Unilever after concerns that some of their TRESemme hair products may be contributing to hair loss. After the allegations of certain TRESemme hair products leading to hair loss arose, individuals went looking into o … Read more »

  • SFU class action lawsuit update (September 2021)

    Slater Vecchio LLP’s lawsuit against Simon Fraser University is progressing through the BC provincial court system. This October a court hearing between the plaintiff’s counsel, the defendant’s counsel, and the judge will be meeting to discuss the proposed schedule of the case going forward. The sch … Read more »

  • ‘Birth Alert’ class action lawsuit launched on behalf of indigenous mothers

    This September, a class action lawsuit was started in BC on behalf of mothers who had their newborns taken from them due to a ‘birth alert’. A ‘birth alert’ occurs when a social worker tags pregnant women, so that child protection authorities appear in the hospital as the child is being born. In alm … Read more »

  • Class action legislation differences across Canada

    Each province in Canada has different legislation when it comes to class action proceedings. Even though it may seem that Canada has a unified legal system, there are major legislative differences across all provinces. For example, British Columbia and Quebec have favorable legislation due to the lo … Read more »

  • Cottonelle flushable wipe class action update

    This June, a court hearing occurred in the Cottonelle flushable wipes class action lawsuit. The Cottonelle class action seeks to represent all individuals who experienced discomfort, illness, or loss after using Kimberley Clark’s Cottonelle flushable wipes. The wipes may have contained pathogenic ba … Read more »