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  • Going Lean Doesn’t Mean Cutting People

    Today we’re focusing on one of the biggest wastes in the legal profession – not maximizing your most valuable resource: your people. And if you’re a solo practitioner, that valuable resource is yourself. Want to watch this tip instead: Before we get into the meat of today’s tip, I want to invite you … Read more »

  • Make Small Changes Stick: 4 Tips to Build Better Habits

    Change is hard, so today, we’re giving your four tips for building the good habits you need to make your improvements stick. Want to watch this tip instead?  Last week, Karen talked to you about pruning the puffery in your legal writing. That’s one small improvement you can make in your communicatio … Read more »

  • Prune the Puffery and Communicate More Effectively

    Hello and welcome back to Gimbal’s Tip of the Week. It’s time for our monthly legal writing tip. Today, we’re talking about pruning puffery in your legal writing. I’m Karen Dunn Skinner. I help lawyers like you build more profitable and productive practices…without spending more time in the office. … Read more »

  • Three New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep…And Use To Build an Even Better Practice in 2020

    Hello and happy new year! I can’t believe it’s already 2020. Welcome back to a whole new year of profitability and productivity tips to help you make the most of your law practice. Want to watch this tip instead? I’m Karen Dunn Skinner. I’m an attorney and a legal process improvement expert. If you … Read more »

  • Gimbal’s Tip of the Week: Fun Apps and a Coupon for Our Courses

    Hello and welcome to the Christmas edition of our Tip of the Week. Want to watch this tip instead?  I’m David Skinner. I’m a lawyer and process improvement expert. Throughout December, we’ve been giving you a new practice challenge every week. Today, your challenge is simple: try one new productivit … Read more »