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  • Mind the Gap…All Talk and No Action on InnovationMay 24, 2018

    For years now, I’ve been saying that innovation in law firms is like sex in high school. Everyone’s talking about it, but very few are actually doing it (at least, that’s what it was like back when I was in high school). Two recent studies back me up on this. The first, from Thompson Hine, revealed … Read more »

  • Do You Really Do Legal Project Management? A One-Step Test.May 22, 2018

    Arthur Wilson, the newest member of the Gimbal team, gives you a simple test. Regardless of what it says on your firm website or your marketing materials, the question of whether you actually use legal project management (“LPM”) in your practice can be determined by the answer to one simple question … Read more »

  • It’s not like you make widgets…so what’s legal inventory?May 1, 2018

    Next up in the list of DOWNTIME wastes is I for Inventory. To see the previous ones, visit our blog.  Spotting Inventory Inventory can be hard to spot in a knowledge business, but it’s there. It’s those piles of files on your desk and floor, your overflowing inbox, and your flashing voicemail light. … Read more »

  • Process Improvement Initiatives: Where should you start?April 17, 2018

    Starting a process improvement initiative can be overwhelming. You’ll need to consider your resources, your culture, your objectives, your business case, your biggest champions, and your greatest skeptics. But you’ll also need to figure out where to start.  We are attorneys. When we founded Gimbal, … Read more »

  • The Bathroom Check-Signing Policy: Are things moving like they should in your office?April 12, 2018

    We’re working our way through the DOWNTIME wastes. If you missed the earlier ones, you can find them on our blog.  Transportation waste is the inefficient movement of things—documents or information—as opposed to people. (That’s motion waste. We’ll get to that in a couple of weeks.) Transportation w … Read more »