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  • #105: 3 Reasons Your Practice Isn’t as Efficient as It Could Be

    We talk a lot about finding opportunities to improve your practice. Once you’ve identified an opportunity to make improvements in your practice, it’s really tempting to jump right in and start fixing things. But often, the frustration or the waste you’re experiencing is just a symptom of the real pr … Read more »

  • #104: The 6 Core Components of a Thriving Law Firm Business (Free Workshop)

    How many hats are you wearing right now? To run your practice, you’re wearing your lawyer hat, plus marketing director, business developer, HR manager, therapist to your clients and/or your employees, CEO, head of admin, and probably tech support. That’s a lot of hats. Sometimes, no matter how well … Read more »

  • #103: Productivity Book Recommendation | A Minute to Think

    Legal work requires deep thought and creativity, but when you have back-to-back client calls, non-stop meetings, and deliverables due in the morning, you don’t have the time or the focus you need. A jam-packed calendar means you can’t process what you’ve learned in one meeting or prepare for the nex … Read more »

  • #102: So Many Opportunities…Where Do You Start?

    Sometimes, the hardest thing about change is knowing where to start. Maybe you read our tips on value and waste, or you downloaded our guide to the Eight Ways to Stop Losing Time & Money in Your Practice, and you’ve got a long list of possible targets. Pick the wrong one and you may end […] Read more »

  • #101: Too Much Work & Not Enough Time? Solving the Pressure Equation

    Parkinson’s law is the universally accepted phenomenon that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. It’s easy to become bogged down with too many deliverables and not enough time to deliver, and we all know how stressful it can be to run a practice when you’re under constant pres … Read more »