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  • Happy Canada Day PLUS Our Tastiest Tip Ever

    It’s Canada Day today and Independence Day this weekend, so our tip is really simple: Celebrate your wins. 2020 has been a challenging year so far (and that may be the understatement of the decade). If you’re still here, running a law practice and delivering your great legal services to your clients … Read more »

  • Want expert advice on setting up or streamlining your law firm’s accounting & billing?

    Inside the Practice Accelerator Membership, you get exactly that! Meet Gerry Anderson Gerry is the Legal Finance & Accounting Coach inside the Practice Accelerator Membership. Gerry’s going to be advising you on how to turn your firm’s accounting and back office financial functions into a lean, mean … Read more »

  • What if you had your own pricing advisor?

    Inside the Practice Accelerator Membership, you do! Meet Aileen Leventon. Aileen is the Pricing & Client Value Coach inside the Practice Accelerator Membership. She’s going to be training and coaching the Members regularly on the best ways to price their legal services, so that they align client val … Read more »

  • All You Need is One Good Idea

    Today’s tip is simple. Always keep learning. No matter how good you already are at running a practice, you can always learn more. You don’t have all the answers and you are never going to have all the answers. That’s OK because no one does! All you really need are a few good ideas.  Here are a few p … Read more »

  • Accountability: One Way to Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing

    Before I get to this week’s tip, I have a quick announcement about next week and a special event. We are excited because we going to be live several times next week with a webinar that will teach you the MOST practical tool in our process improvement toolkit. It is the first time that we are teachin … Read more »