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  • How Not to Write Like a Lawyer

    Let’s face it. For a profession that relies on words, we have a pretty terrible reputation as writers. Bad writing wastes time and money. It frustrates colleagues and confuses clients. And worse, traditional legal writing creates barriers that prevent people from accessing the legal system. We can d … Read more »

  • 15-Minute Projects for the Summertime Blues

    For many law firms, summer time is quiet time. Clients are on vacation. Lawyers (sometimes) are on vacation. The office is a little more tranquil than usual. If that’s your case, take advantage of it: invest some time in improvement. 15-Minute Projects 1. Pick a template…any templateThink of a commo … Read more »

  • What’s Resilience Got To Do with Innovation?

    People say lawyers have low resilience. Does this explain why innovation is often really hard in law firms, or is there more going on? If you’re having trouble getting people to adopt your improvement ideas, even when they agree with them, try running a quick 5-why analysis to get to the bottom of i … Read more »

  • The Lean Law Firm’s Summer Reading List

    OK, so these may not be the most scintillating reads on the beach, but here our top picks for summer reading…so far. Our goal: to get you thinking about process improvement and project management over the holidays. Thinking About Work Differently Start with this short read from Lee Rosen on thinking … Read more »

  • Navigate Change with Mental GPS

    I read a great article in The Globe & Mail last week called, Your car has GPS. Your brain needs it, too. At first glance, it may be hard to see what GPS, London cabbies and The Knowledge have to do with law firms, legal project management, or process improvement. But I think it presents a great mode … Read more »