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  • Family law: What is the right of first refusal?

    When it comes to child custody situations, some people may not be familiar with the term, right of first refusal. Family law in British Columbia spells out the rules when it comes to issues regarding children. If one parent can’t care for a child for a specific time, he or she may choose to use the … Read more »

  • Property division: What happens to a business?

    There are many things on the table when a couple makes the decision to divorce. One of the discussions British Columbia couples in this circumstance must have is regarding property division. But what happens when a business is involved? It doesn’t matter if the business is worth billions, millions o … Read more »

  • January most popular time to make the decision to divorce

    January is the start of new beginnings, and it could also mean things are coming to an end. Many British Columbia couples — and those all over the country — make the decision to divorce come January; so much so, that many lawyers have dubbed it divorce month. Experts say there are reasons the firs … Read more »

  • Family law: Salmonella from exotic pets could affect children

    Studies have shown that it’s important for children to have pets. British Columbia family law stipulates that the best interests of children always be at the forefront of any decisions made concerning them, but when unconventional pets can cause children to become sick, is that really keeping in lin … Read more »

  • Divorce: Should a payee get more money after payor gets a raise?

    One of the most contentious issues when it comes to family law is how much one spouse pays to another after increases in income. When couples divorce, one spouse often has to pay support to the other. But what happens if the payor gets a hefty salary increase at work or additional bonuses that weren … Read more »