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  • Peterson Stark Scott Joins Forces with Hamilton Duncan

        JANUARY 15, 2024 | SURREY, BC – Hamilton Duncan, one of the largest and longest-tenured law firms in the Fraser Valley, is pleased to announce that it will join forces with Peterson Stark Scott, a law firm with its own long history in Surrey. As of February 1, 2024, all six of Peterson Stark Sco … Read more »

  • Enforceable Contracts and Accurate Notices

    The Importance of Enforceable Contracts and Accurate Notices at the Time of Termination: A Case Study Kelsey Croft, Associate Hamilton Duncan Law Corporation Surrey, British Columbia The decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Moffatt v. Prospera Credit Union, 2021 BCSC 2463 is a good r … Read more »

  • What is Nikāh and is it a valid legal marriage in BC?

    In Islam, a Nikāh is considered to be a contract between a husband and wife. A Nikāh can be oral or written, however confirmation of the agreement must be done in front of at least two adult male witnesses or one adult male witness and two women. Preferably, the Nikāh would be put in writing. A Nikā … Read more »

  • Hamilton Duncan Acquires Learn Zenk

    Surrey, BC, Canada – April 1, 2022: Hamilton Duncan, the Fraser Valley’s preeminent law firm, is pleased to announce our acquisition of the law practice of the Tri-Cities firm of Learn Zenk. This acquisition continues our recent growth and further strengthens our leading insurance defence practice. … Read more »

  • The Foundations of Family Law

    Family Law Family Law is a unique area of law that assists couples during the beginning, middle and end of their relationships. While some assume that the purpose of family lawyers is to assist with legal conflicts once a relationship has dissolved, family lawyers serve a large variety of other purp … Read more »