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  • Refuge and Shaping Human Potential

    Meet Heba Gowayed, an economic sociologist at Boston University. She is the author of “Refuge: How the State Shapes Human Potential”. Her book follows the journeys of Syrians who sought refuge in Canada, Germany and the United States. Dr. Gowayed’s insights in how states design refugee programs and … Read more »

  • Immigration Bureaucracy & Postwar Policymaking

    Meet Jennifer Elrick, professor in the Department of Sociology at McGill University. Author of Making Middle-Class Multiculturalism: Immigration Bureaucrats and Policymaking in Postwar Canada, we talk about how bureaucrats in the federal government drove policy making in the area of immigration thro … Read more »

  • Beast at Every Threshold

    Meet Natalie Wee, a queer poet who writes about migration, borders, papers, and interrogates what it means to be a queer, racialized person in Canada. We talk about what it is like to live with precarious immigration status, and how writing is a source of comfort and advocacy. Read more »

  • Deepan's Citizenship

    Meet Deepan Budlakoti. Born and raised in Canada, Deepan had a Canadian birth certificate and Canadian passport. Then one day he was told he was not a citizen and overnight he became a foreigner and stateless. We talk about how he became stateless, what his life in limbo is like, and what you can do … Read more »

  • Refugee Resettlement and Law's Borders

    Meet Dr. Shauna Labman, the expert on refugee resettlement in Canada. She is an award winning author of two books: Crossing Law’s Border: Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program and Strangers to Neighbours: Refugee Sponsorship in Context. We talk about what is resettlement, the complementary features … Read more »