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  • A Guide to the Best Fonts for Legal Documents

    Why do legal fonts matter? After all, you’ve worked hard to become a lawyer—not a designer. But did you know that the best legal fonts can better engage your audience, communicate more effectively, and impact how others perceive your law firm’s brand? Also, some courts have outlined the fonts that t … Read more »

  • Best Email Marketing Software for Lawyers

    Email marketing software for lawyers is important as they make sending targeted and personalized emails to clients a lot easier. This type of law firm marketing software can significantly boost your law firm’s brand recognition, improve client relationships, and attract new clients. Using email mark … Read more »

  • Boutique Law Firms: What They Are and Why You Should Run One

    As a legal professional, you’ve probably heard the term “boutique law firm” many times. You may have also noticed more and more lawyers choosing to work at—or run—boutique law firms. But what is spurring the increasing interest in boutique law firms vs. Big Law? Could a smaller, boutique law firm be … Read more »

  • A Complete Guide to Law Firm Website Content

    Creating high-quality law firm website content is a great way to ensure your firm can be found in search engines. That same content will also help you engage your audience, build trust in your firm, and convert website visitors into clients.  The task of creating content can seem overwhelming. Even … Read more »

  • A Guide to Practicing Law in Multiple States

    If you’re wondering about multi-state lawyers and how to become one, you’ve come to the right place. As a lawyer with seven bar cards, I often get confused, amazed, and downright dumbfounded looks when people find out I can practice in seven states. To sum up the multi-state lawyers’ experience in j … Read more »