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  • A Guide to Selecting a Lawyer Training Program

    In today’s ultra-competitive legal market, continually developing your skills as a lawyer is key to success. As this year has shown us, the industry can change quickly—and lawyers that aren’t able to keep up with the latest tools and trends may be left behind. Training for lawyers is also essential … Read more »

  • A Guide to Conducting Great Legal Research

    When it comes to the practice of law, we often think about legal experience. But even the most winning legal argument will ultimately fall flat without solid legal research. Legal research—that is, identifying, finding, and cite-checking the information and applicable laws needed to support your leg … Read more »

  • A Cloud-Based, Client-Centered Future for Law

    Last week, we wrapped up our first virtual Clio Cloud Conference, the largest virtual legal conference to date, and by all accounts, the best one. And while this year was different from conferences of years past in so many ways, I still came away feeling energized, invigorated, and determined as eve … Read more »

  • A Complete Guide to Naming Your Law Firm (With Examples)

    What’s in a name? Turns out, it’s a whole lot—especially when you’re thinking about how to name a law firm. From ABA and state bar rules to website domain availability, choosing a law firm name involves plenty of considerations.  A law firm name gives potential clients a first impression of the busi … Read more »

  • Highlights from the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference

    The 2020 Clio Cloud Conference was without a doubt our biggest and most unique event yet. As lawyer, writer, and media consultant Bob Ambrogi wrote, “The 2020 Clio Cloud Conference [moved] to a venue apropos of its name—the cloud.” With 4,500+ attendees from over 45 countries joining remotely, the e … Read more »