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  • Introducing Clio Payments

    The market for legal services has fundamentally changed, especially in the past two years, thanks to the fact that the world has embraced a new level of technology adoption. What this means for lawyers and legal professionals is that they need to reconsider how they deliver legal services to clients … Read more »

  • 4 Lawyer Payment Methods Your Clients Want

    Today’s legal clients want convenience, security, and flexibility when paying for their legal fees. Law firms with limited lawyer payment methods aren’t giving their customers the client experience that they want. At the same time, these law firms are also hurting their bottom line. What methods do … Read more »

  • Ebilling for Law Firms and Legal Ebilling Software

    If you want your legal practice to be as successful as possible, you need an effective billing process. You also need to move beyond traditional paper billing and adopt ebilling for law firms. Thanks to advancements in technology, law firms can easily leverage legal ebilling software to save time, i … Read more »

  • It’s Time to Retire Your Billing Spreadsheet

    Law firms have used Microsoft Excel in their businesses for many years. While many law firms might consider Excel an affordable, familiar, and easy-to-use software, depending on spreadsheets to manage your firm’s client invoicing can create many problems. Problems include data entry errors, version- … Read more »

  • DIY Local SEO for Lawyers

    Why is local SEO for lawyers so important? According to Martindale-Avvo’s 2019 research, up to 46.5% of prospective clients use Google search when researching which law firm to choose. This is up from 2017, where Clio’s Legal Trends Report found the 37% of legal clients who found their lawyers throu … Read more »