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  • The Complete Guide to Growing a Law Firm

    Running a law firm is tough, and growing a law firm is even tougher—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. For many firms, the challenges that hinder growth—like struggling to acquire new clients, competing with other firms, and having no time to focus on the business side of things—can become so o … Read more »

  • A Law Firm Client Service Guide: Lessons From 5-Star Hotels

    If you’ve ever been a guest at a five-star hotel, you know that it feels different from a two-star hotel. While the end result (a place to sleep) is the same, the experience is totally different. A two-star motel gets the job done, but you forget all about it the moment you leave the lobby. With a f … Read more »

  • Your Guide to Law Firm Pricing: How to Price Legal Services

    Law firm pricing is one of the most important aspects of running a legal practice. It affects how your clients see the value they get from your services, and whether they’ll hire you at all.  Still, for many law firms, effective pricing remains a challenge. How much should lawyers charge? How do you … Read more »

  • How to Differentiate Your Law Firm

    In today’s client-centered age, it’s more important than ever that your law firm stands out from the crowd. But how do you differentiate yourself from the competition when you’re all providing very similar legal deliverables? We spoke to Shreya Ley of LayRoots about this very issue at the 2019 Clio … Read more »

  • Who Should Shoulder Pricing Risk, Lawyers or Clients?

    When you order food at a restaurant, you don’t expect to know exactly what ingredients and techniques go into making your meal—but you do expect to know about how much it will cost.  It might seem obvious when it comes to food service, but this upfront pricing model is not the norm in the legal indu … Read more »