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  • Clio This Month: Custom Fields Tab and Gmail Time Entries

    Summer is here, and we’ve got plenty of updates at Clio to help you manage your law firm more efficiently so that you can spend a tiny bit more time in the sun. This month, we’ve introduced a new Custom Fields tab, relaunched our integration with cash flow helper Fundbox, and added the ability to vi … Read more »

  • How to Implement a Device Policy for Your Law Firm

    When it comes to enabling your law firm and staff with technology, it’s best to get a device policy in place sooner than later. Without one, it becomes an arduous task managing whose device has access to what firm information, and what to do if one gets lost. There are a number of options when it co … Read more »

  • Data Security for Law Firms in 2019

    Data security should be a top priority for any law firm, and here’s why. It’s a fact: Clients trust you with their most confidential information. It’s also true, unfortunately, that—since clients entrust lawyers with so much of their sensitive data—law firms make prime targets for cybercrime. Accord … Read more »

  • Clio This Month: New Mobile App Features, Enhanced Expenses, and More

    These days, it seems like everyone’s on a mission to declutter and spark some simplicity (a.k.a. joy) in their hectic days. At Clio, we’re simplifying life for lawyers, too. This month, we’re bringing you plenty of new ways to tackle your day-to-day tasks faster, easier, and smarter. Read below to l … Read more »

  • Why Lawyers Need to Stay Off Their Phones

    Law is a demanding profession. The truth is that a successful legal practice is one with an overflowing plate of work. There is always something that needs doing, and something urgent that requires attention. The 2018 Legal Trends Report found that “Most lawyers (75%) report working outside of regul … Read more »

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