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  • What Is a Law Clerk?

    Venturing on a journey as a law clerk opens the door to the heart of the legal world. This blog unpacks what it means to be a law clerk, sharing the ins and outs of the job and offering a roadmap for anyone eyeing this path. We’ll dive into their responsibilities and share tips on how you can step i … Read more »

  • How to Write a Motion for Court

    If an attorney conducts any form of civil or criminal litigation in U.S. courts, they will be dealing with motions filed in court. While arguing the motions before the judge may be more dramatic and made-for-TV, the actual writing of the motions is likely more important. This means that the ability … Read more »

  • Highlights from the 2024 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Law Firms Report

    Since 2016, legal experts have turned to Clio’s yearly Legal Trends Report for an unbiased and thorough examination of trends in the legal field.  As the most comprehensive analysis of the legal industry, the Legal Trends Report consolidates vital information on law firm performance while illuminati … Read more »

  • AI Ethics Opinions: What Do Bar Associations Have to Say About AI Use?

    What’s holding your firm back from exploring the opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) offers? For many lawyers, it’s fears about whether their bar association approves of AI.  According to the 2024 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Law Firms report, 31% of lawyers in mid-sized firms and 19% of l … Read more »

  • How Successful Trial Lawyers Use Clio to Organize Their Practice

    With the advent of technology in the legal industry, forward-thinking trial lawyers are getting ahead and practicing more efficiently and effectively in the office, while working remotely, and even in court. With the right technology tools in your corner, missed deadlines and lost notes become a thi … Read more »