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  • Ontario LTD Disputes: Should I Appeal, Sue or Settle? 

    If your application for LTD benefits has been denied, or your benefits have been discontinued, it can be incredibly stressful. Worrying about how you’ll meet your day-to-day financial obligations is hard enough. Not knowing how you’ll meet your family’s future needs will be met is another level of s … Read more »

  • What is a Recurrent Disability Clause?

    If you’ve ever taken a close look at your LTD policy, you may have seen references to “recurrent disability.” What does that mean? Let’s review some background information first. When you apply for LTD benefits, there will be a waiting period between the time when you became disabled and unable to w … Read more »

  • Income, Offsets & LTD 

    Why have my benefits been clawed back? This is a common question from LTD benefit recipients in Ontario. Your LTD policy will almost certainly require you to disclose other income you earn while receiving disability benefits, because they are allowed to deduct those amounts from their payments to yo … Read more »

  • Can I Volunteer While on LTD in Ontario?

    One question that people who are receiving disability benefits often ask is “can I volunteer while I’m on LTD?” At any stage of life, the benefits of volunteering can be great. Volunteering can improve both mental and physical health, reduce stress, and lessen depression. And across Ontario, countle … Read more »

  • Keeping Your Insurer Updated While on LTD

    While you’re receiving LTD benefits, you have various responsibilities. We’ve talked about two of them already: trying your best to recover, and participating in return to work programs. Today we’re going to talk about what’s required of you in terms of ongoing communication with the insurer. As alw … Read more »