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  • Embracing a Culture of Safety

    When tragedy strikes in the workplace, is it enough for governments to enact legislation and policies to discourage further injuries and fatalities? Or is a wider cultural change what’s really needed? Both are important, according to occupational health and safety experts, and it’s the culture part … Read more »

  • Tips for A Warm & Injury-Free Winter

    During an Ontario winter, ice and snow come with the territory–injuries don’t need to. In today’s post, we’re talking about some of the most common winter injuries and how you can take steps to avoid injury to yourself and others. Sport & Recreation-Related: Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, pla … Read more »

  • Danger in Unexpected Workplaces

    What comes to mind when you imagine dangerous jobs? Policing or firefighting, or perhaps heavy industrial factory work? What about elementary school teacher? Or farmer? Over the past few months, Ontario researchers, worker advocates and unions have been raising awareness about the unexpected dangers … Read more »

  • Shorter Days, Deadlier Streets

    Most people rejoice at the annual setting back of the clocks: the extra hour of sleep is a most welcome bonus at a time of year that’s beginning to get dark and dreary. Research shows there’s a noticeable spike in motor vehicle collisions after we “spring forward” early in the year, a fact that make … Read more »

  • ATV Safety in Ontario

    ATVs (also known as quads or off-road vehicles) are a popular recreation and transportation option in Ontario, and with the leaves changing colour and hunting season in full swing, fall is a favourite season for many ATV riders. Like snowmobiling, ATVing has many enthusiasts, most of who play it saf … Read more »