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  • COVID-19: Workplace Safety & Refusing Unsafe Work

    Ontario is taking baby steps towards reopening after many businesses and workplaces were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While people are being encouraged to work from home if possible, thousands of workplaces rely on staff working in person. A wide variety of businesses and services were give … Read more »

  • WSIB Acknowledges Link Between McIntyre Powder and Parkinson’s

    Workplace safety is front of mind these days. Employers must do everything they can do keep their employees as safe as possible by providing PPE and implementing safety protocols and policies. But what happens when the very strategies for keeping employees healthy actually cause them harm? A recent … Read more »

  • Remembering Lives Lost on the Job

    There’s a heightened sense of poignance on this year’s National Day of Mourning, which is marked today and every April 28 in Canada, to remember those who have died, were injured or made ill at work. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety notes: “This year, this day takes on extra me … Read more »

  • Are Streets Safer During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Highways are eerily empty, rush hour is anything but rushed, and many people’s vehicles have been more or less parked for weeks. Traffic volumes are so low that there’s been a significant drop in collisions; so much so that some are calling for insurers to give customers a break on their premiums. A … Read more »

  • “Frank is really knowledgeable, he’s really good at his job, and he cares”

    We’ve added a new video to the Testimonials section of our website. In it, Amanda talks about how she made the decision to work with Van Dyke Law. She describes how she reviewed various injury lawyers online and why she made the decision to work with us. “Frank is really knowledgeable, he’s really g … Read more »