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  • R. vs. H.S. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charge: Driving While Prohibited. Issue: Given the circumstances of the offence and our client, whether it was necessary for Crown to proceed with the driving while prohibited charge, which carries a mandatory minimum 12 month driving prohibition. Result: Mr. Johnson was able to persuade Crown to pr … Read more »

  • R. vs. J.S. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charge: Assault Causing Bodily Harm (domestic). Issue: Whether the Crown could prove that bodily harm resulted and, whether the rehabilitative steps our client had taken justified the Court granting a conditional discharge. Result: Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown counsel to proceed on the charg … Read more »

  • R. vs. C.M. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charge: Assault; Threatening. Issue: Whether there was a substantial likelihood of conviction in this alleged “road rage” case. Result: Mr. Johnson was able to provide information to Crown counsel on our client’s behalf that led Crown to conclude there was no substantial likelihood of conviction. No … Read more »

  • Covid-19: Isolation and Domestic Violence

    As we enter into the seventh week of isolation across the country many families are finding that social and physical isolation has had a greater impact on their relationships than they could ever have imagined. Tempers are flaring more than usual. Many people are finding themselves uncharacteristica … Read more »

  • R. vs. M.D. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charges: Theft Under $5000; Uttering Threats. Issue: Whether, given our client’s circumstances and remorse, whether it was in the public interest for criminal charges to proceed. Result: We were able to provide information to police investigators which resulted in police deciding to not forward any … Read more »