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  • R. vs. S.F. – Provincial Court of Newfoundland

    Charge: Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (Marijuana). Issue: Whether it there was a substantial likelihood of obtaining a conviction. Result: Upon considering Mr. Johnson’s representations, Crown counsel concluded that there was no longer a likelihood of conviction. Crown withdrew the charg … Read more »

  • R. vs. M.B. – Surrey Provincial Court

    Charge: Application for firearms prohibition and forfeiture. Issue: Whether Crown could establish that our client posed a risk to himself or others. Result: Mid trial, Mr. Mines was able to obtain a successful resolution in which our client consented to an 18 month prohibition rather than the 5 year … Read more »

  • R. vs. C.B. – Vancouver Police Investigation

    Charge: Possession of proceeds of crime; drug investigation. Issue: Whether there was any lawful authority to arrest our client and seize funds from him. Result: Mr. Johnson was able to persuade the investigating officer that there was no basis to search our client and to return the $2400 cash that … Read more »

  • R. vs. R.L. – Surrey Provincial Court

    Charge: Assault (domestic). Issue: Given the rehabilitative steps we were able to guide our client through, whether our client would be convicted of assaulting his son. Result: Notwithstanding the breach of trust, after hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the court granted our client a 12 month conditio … Read more »

  • R. vs. S.B. – New Westminster Provincial Court

    Charge: Public Mischief x2; Assault Police Officer. Issue: Given our client’s personal circumstances and his rehabilitation, whether there was a public interest in proceeding with the criminal prosecution. Result: Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown counsel to allow our client into the Alternative … Read more »