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  • Michael Mines weighs in on Use of Force in police dog takedown case. The post Michael Mines weighs in on Use of Force in police dog takedown case. appeared first on Mines & Company Law Corporation. … Read more »

  • R. vs. J.L. – Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charges: Sexual assault; Unlawful Confinement; Assault by Choking. Issue: Given the impact of the additional evidence that Mr. Johnson provided to Crown counsel, whether there was a substantial likelihood of a conviction. Result: Crown counsel agreed that the new evidence significantly undermined th … Read more »

  • S.D.

    Thank you from both of us for helping S.D. with his case. Your professionalism, kindness, patience, and understanding is much appreciated. S.D. specifically asked me to thank you for your patience due to his not so good English and his explanations. We always knew you are an amazing lawyer and we ca … Read more »

  • R. vs. S.D. – Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charge: Assault. Issue: Whether it was appropriate for our client to receive a suspended sentence despite having two prior assault convictions. Result: After hearing Mr. Mines’ submissions, the trial judge granted our client a suspended sentence with 12 months of ” non reporting” probation.  No jail … Read more »

  • R. vs. T.L. – Vancouver Provincial Court

    Charges: Indecent Act; Mischief (reduced to Peace Bond). Issue: Whether the Crown could prove that our client intended to commit a criminal offence. Result: Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown counsel to enter a stay of proceedings on the the criminal charges upon our client entering into a Peace B … Read more »