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  • [VIDEO] Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

    Having your disability claim denied can be a difficult and often discouraging experience but it’s important to keep in mind some key facts about the insurance process. “The short answer,” says Kirk Sloane, Lawyer at Share Lawyers, “is they don’t really want to pay you, didn’t really want to pay you, … Read more »

  • Did You Know? Canadians and Back Pain

    Medical conditions like multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease can be debilitating, but they’re also relatively rare. Back pain, on the other hand, affects nearly everybody. Approximately 85% of the workforce will experience back pain at some point during their careers, with 50% of Canadians being a … Read more »

  • Back Pain and Fibromyalgia – Carolyn’s Story

    Carolyn spent her days dealing with one crisis after another. She worked long hours as a Contract Administrator for an architectural firm in Vancouver, BC and there always seemed to be a new problem that required her immediate attention. The job was incredibly rewarding, but Carolyn knew that all th … Read more »

  • Chronic Back Pain: Life After Your Disability Settlement

    At Share Lawyers, we understand that fighting a rejected disability insurance claim can feel like an endless, stressful process. While we do our best to mitigate the worries and concerns of our clients, it can often be difficult to see beyond the end of the process. As a result, many clients haven’t … Read more »

  • Filling a Disability Insurance Claim: What Paperwork Do You Need?

    Filing a disability claim seems like it should be a simple and straightforward process. The law allows people to receive disability benefits if a mental or physical illness hampers their performance in the workplace, a provision that was set up explicitly to give people the time and resources needed … Read more »