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  • “Sound of Metal” Portrays Hearing Loss From Unique Point Of View

    In the acclaimed new film Sound of Metal, Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler, Rogue One) portrays Ruben, a professional drummer in a heavy metal band who finds his life completely upended when he begins to lose his hearing in the middle of a cross-country tour. The film explores his journey towards acceptance … Read more »

  • Pregnancy and COVID: Kelly’s Story

    Kelly had been thrilled when she first found out she was pregnant when she was 36. She was less excited when she realized she’d be giving birth during a pandemic. The thought of raising a child in the middle of a global health crisis only compounded the normal pressures that everyone faces when star … Read more »

  • Chronic Pain and Pandemic Anxiety

    Ellen, 40, has been dealing with severe neuropathy (nerve damage) in her feet and legs for several years. So far, it has been manageable and she is grateful that she’s been able to keep her job with the city government, especially because of the additional medical benefits it provides. Lately, howev … Read more »

  • Truckers: High Risk of Disability

    If Canadians learned anything from the surprise lockdowns in the Spring, it was the importance of Canada’s supply chains. For most of us, the food that we eat and the goods that we consume don’t come from our own residence. Our food comes from warmer climates, and our goods are often manufactured in … Read more »

  • Anxiety, Depression and Shift Work

    Life on an automotive assembly line could be exhausting. That was especially true for Shelley, who found it difficult to balance the demands of the job with her anxiety and depression. The factory only offered a shift work schedule that changed from week to week, and that made it virtually impossibl … Read more »