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  • What Happens After You Win LTD Benefits?

    Our clients have so many questions about what they should do when they are denied their long term disability benefits, and we are always happy to help them through this process. But what happens after we secure them the benefits they deserve. The following is an experience from one of our clients wi … Read more »

  • A Day In The Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Chronic pain can make even the most rudimentary tasks impossible. It’s also a profoundly isolating experience, whether you live alone or with a family. One of our clients, Rowan*, was kind enough to share what her day-to-day experience was like. A 40-year-old teacher with rheumatoid arthritis (RH), … Read more »

  • Justin Bieber Reveals He Has Lyme Disease

    In early January, Justin Bieber announced by way of an Instagram post that he was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. The news came as a shock to fans as it was revealed he’d been suffering from symptoms of the condition for a long time on top of other highly debilitating conditions such as chroni … Read more »

  • How Long It Takes for Long-Term Disability Claim to be Approved

    Submitting a long-term disability claim can be frustrating. From the length of time it takes to hear back on your claim to misinterpretations of policies, it’s a stressful time for those impacted. One of the more common questions surrounding LTD claims is how long it will take for a disability claim … Read more »

  • How to Work With Share Lawyers If You Live Outside of Ontario

    Since 1987, Share Lawyers has worked hard to assist those dealing with disability insurance claims in Ontario and across Canada. We hold our team to the highest standard in legal representation, which means we’ve carefully selected a team of experienced and compassionate lawyers and law clerks. We a … Read more »