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  • Virtual Hearings, Mediations and the COVID-19 Pandemic; Blog on: Online Courts and the Future of Justice, Richard Susskind

    Several months have now passed since mediations, discoveries and some hearings have been conducted by videoconferencing. Richard Susskind’s book, Online Courts and the Future of Justice¹ came out months before the pandemic, but what he has to say is all the more current given the current restriction … Read more »

  • How To Help Loved Ones During COVID-19

    As the world adjusts to the new, albeit temporary normal of COVID-19, we are learning how to go about our daily lives while practicing safe self-isolation and adhering to proper social distancing standards. But what if you have a loved one with a disability that needs your help? There is no simple t … Read more »

  • Denial Of PTSD Based on Insufficient Medical Evidence

    Jessica was always a creature of habit. A fan of routine, she’d been following the same one every day for the past decade. She’d start her day with a coffee and a lift to work from her husband. She’d sit on the same park bench every lunch, and then walk home when the day was […] The post Denial Of P … Read more »

  • Ben Affleck & The Struggles Of Addiction

    Ben Affleck has been in the news lately, and not just because of his latest film, The Way Back; he’s speaking publicly about his alcoholism and his family’s history with addiction. He sat down with Diane Sawyer, who’d interviewed him and Matt Damon on the release of Good Will Hunting nearly 22 years … Read more »

  • After an LTD Settlement – Embracing Life with Chronic Back Pain

    Jacob, 33, had spent the better part of a year working the rigours of Toronto’s numerous hi-rise construction projects when one day he suddenly had excruciating back pain, too much to bear and an ambulance was called.  He had suffered from mild back pain for the last couple of years, yet it had neve … Read more »