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  • Hallway Medicine Continues to Plague Ontario Hospitals

    ‘Hallway medicine,’ the practice of treating patients in hospital hallways and corridors when no beds are available, has been a hot-button political issue for several years in Ontario. It was a major focus of the 2018 provincial election and has been a central concern for patient advocates and medic … Read more »

  • Family Uses Medical Malpractice Lawsuit to Increase Accountability, Promote Change

    Injuries caused by missed or delayed diagnoses are relatively common in medical malpractice cases. Diagnostic errors occur every day in Canada; most are relatively harmless, but some have life-threatening consequences. Recently, the Toronto Star reported on the case of Leah Battista, a 20-year-old Q … Read more »

  • Medication, Surgical Errors Can Cause Life-Changing Injuries

    Medical malpractice is a diverse and complex area of personal injury law. The plaintiffs that Canadian medical malpractice lawyers represent come from all walks of life and suffer a broad range of injuries, but one thing they have in common is that those injuries are almost always extremely severe. … Read more »

  • Misdiagnosis Puts Child with Lyme Disease at Risk

    Last month, a medical misdiagnosis sparked a terrifying ordeal for the family of an Ottawa-area toddler. On July 20, Kemptville, Ontario’s Mandy Green noticed a small rash on the face of her son, Chase. The next day, she noticed a bull’s-eye patterned rash on the boy’s shoulder. She immediately susp … Read more »

  • Canada’s Medical Malpractice System Puts Injured Patients at a Disadvantage

    Every few months, the Canadian media rediscovers an issue that personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers confront daily: the power imbalance between injured patients and healthcare providers or, as one activist put it to CTV News last month, our “rigged system that does more to help doctors th … Read more »