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  • Chemotherapy error affects patients in Ontario and New BrunswickOctober 18, 2018

    Hundreds of cancer patients in New Brunswick and Ontario were informed this summer that they may not have received the intended dose of chemotherapy drugs due to delivery system issues. No serious medical injuries have been linked to the event, but the case highlights the potential risks associated … Read more »

  • Oregon woman sues after catastrophic misdiagnosisSeptember 20, 2018

    When a patient visits a doctor’s office or hospital, they place their faith in the specialized expertise of the medical staff. Patients expect their illnesses to be diagnosed quickly and accurately – in some cases, their ability to recover relies on it. So when an illness is diagnosed too late or mi … Read more »

  • Superior Court ruling emphasizes complexity of medical malpractice casesSeptember 6, 2018

    A ruling by Superior Court of Ontario Justice Grant Dow in the long-running case Stirrett v. Cheema ‘sheds light on the complexities involved in framing doctor-patient relationships in medical malpractice suits,’ according to Law Times’ Anita Balakrishnan. The decision, which may be appealed, offers … Read more »

  • Complications from hernia mesh surgery can cause life-changing painAugust 28, 2018

    Hernia mesh surgeries offer several key benefits over traditional hernia repairs. Most notably, they are less invasive and significantly reduce recovery time. However, as any hernia mesh lawyer can tell you, complications from these procedures can cause serious injuries that result in chronic pain a … Read more »

  • Can trust in Canada’s medical system endure?August 9, 2018

    In general, Canadians trust their medical system. According to a 2011 EKOS Research study, 81 per cent believed they would receive adequate treatment if they were to become seriously ill. However, as every Ontario medical malpractice lawyer is acutely aware, medical accidents are surprisingly common … Read more »