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  • 25 Quotes to Jump-Start Your Innovative Mindset

    Post #863 – September 2, 2020 25 Quotes to Jump-Start Your Innovative Mindset Innovation does not require some exotic new technology by rather it requires an innovative culture. Today, firms need more radical and game-changing inspiration to be able to meet the challenges that we are all facing. We … Read more »

  • Lessons BigLaw Could Learn from BigTech

    Post #862 – August 26, 2020 Lessons BigLaw Could Learn from BigTech In today’s knowledge economy ideas matter, but that said, we still seem to spend most of our time on “execution” work. In other words, we may happen to develop some new service offering (like cybersecurity) and then obsess and spend … Read more »

  • Not Necessarily Nice

    Post #861 – August 19, 2020 Effective Leaders Are Not Necessarily Nice! Having spent a good number of years studying, working with and coaching new firm leaders, I have concluded that the greatest challenge for any of us in leading others is the way in which we are hard-wired; our natural instincts … Read more »

  • Announcing: Managing Partners’ Forum North America

    Post #860 – August 14, 2020Announcing: Managing Partners’ Forum North AmericaLarry Stroud, the founder of Korverge, and Patrick J. McKenna are collaborating to establish Managing Partners’ Forum North America. Larry is a sought-after business development (BD) and management coach for professional se … Read more »

  • Memo to Firm Leader

    Post #859 – August 12, 2020Memo to Firm Leader: Are You Getting Minutes from Group Meetings? Whenever I’ve been called in to work with some firm’s practice or industry group, perhaps some group that needs remedial assistance or one wishing to formulate a strategic direction, my first questions of fi … Read more »