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  • NSRLP’s Stubborn Hope for ChangeAugust 8, 2018

    As we approach our annual summer office closure (August 9-27), it’s always a good time to reflect on  what we’ve been up to, and what lies ahead. NSRLP now has a higher level of service and productivity on behalf of SRLs and those who work with them than ever before. But … despite our growth, and th … Read more »

  • Punishing and Deterring SRLs Using Costs Awards: A Failed Strategy?July 26, 2018

    In early 2012, I had just begun the research that would later be published in May 2013 as the National SRL Study, and was the impetus for the ongoing work of the NSRLP. I was still a neophyte about the self-representation phenomenon. I had visited the study field sites in BC, Ontario, and Alberta, a … Read more »

  • 21st Century Lawyering: Arrogance v HumilityJuly 17, 2018

    A guest blog by Tania Perlin, a lawyer working with SRLs and a member of the Self-Rep Navigators I have realized over the years that being a lawyer has its perks. As soon as I mention that I am a lawyer, certain disputes get resolved very quickly, such as being upgraded to a better hotel room when t … Read more »

  • From Shock to Determination: How Working for NSRLP has Affected MeJuly 5, 2018

    This week’s guest blog is written by NSRLP Project Coordinator Dayna Cornwall.  Dayna Cornwall In October of 2016, Julie hired me to be the NSRLP’s new Project Coordinator. I was thrilled to start my new job, and honoured to be tasked with the management of this plucky, grassroots non-profit. I knew … Read more »

  • NSRLP’s New Research Report on Access to Court TranscriptsJune 27, 2018

    One of the topics that comes up frequently in the NSRLP office at Windsor Law – in my supervision sessions with our research assistants, at our weekly team meetings, during strategy sessions with the NSRLP Advisory Board, and in day-to-day planning with NSRLP staff – is that the influx of self-repre … Read more »