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  • SRL-Lawyer Dialogue: Are SRLs crazy or just fed up?

    This blog is the first in a series in which lawyers (and other justice professionals) ask self-represented litigants a question which SRLs try to answer – and vice versa. Rob Harvie is a family lawyer in Alberta, and a former Chair of the Alberta Law Society Access to Justice Committee. He is curren … Read more »

  • “Outsiders” and “Insiders” Can Change the Justice System Together

    Originally published on Slaw, Canada’s online legal magazine; written by Julie Macfarlane and Jeff Rose-Martland. This is the third in a regular series of columns for Slaw, written by the NSRLP team. In the last five years, the engagement, skill and experience of individuals representing themselves … Read more »

  • Is Law Society Self-Regulation Balanced? A Complainant’s Analysis

    The Law Society of Ontario is responsible for regulation of the professional conduct, competence, and capacity of Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals. The LSO believes it handles complaints in a timely, open, and efficient manner and adequately balances the public’s interest and its licensees’ interest … Read more »

  • Lawyers: Who Needs Them? We do!

    This week’s guest blog is written by Tania Perlin B.A., L.L.B. from the law firm of Tania Perlin, Barrister & Solicitor.  Ms. Perlin is also a certified Mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program, a public speaker, and an instructor of Business Law at Ryerson University. I have practiced … Read more »

  • Where’s the Accountability in Canada’s Justice System?

    This week’s guest blog is written by author and former newspaper publisher Colin Alexander. His current work-in-progress is a book about horror stories in the justice system, and how to fix it. Accountability is a buzzword of our time—for everyone except for the guardians of accountability, namely, … Read more »

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