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  • Heart Disease & Stroke and Disability Claims

    Heart disease and stroke are among the leading causes of disability worldwide. These severe health conditions can leave individuals unable to work and facing significant financial and emotional stress. For those in Toronto grappling with the aftermath of such life-altering events, securing disabilit … Read more »

  • Bram A. Lecker: Top Toronto Disability and Employment Lawyer

    Changing legislative labour laws, fighting for the rights of non-unionized employees and running a law practice with over nine specialized lawyers is all in a day’s work for one of Toronto’s top employment litigators, Bram A. Lecker. A skilled advocate and trusted advisor, Lecker was recently voted … Read more »

  • 2024 ThreeBestRated® Awarded Employment Lawyer Bram A. Lecker, Explains The Reasons For Anxiety Disorder LTD Denial

    Anxiety is a debilitating condition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t receive the attention and recognition it deserves as other physical conditions. “Anxiety disorders are characterized as complex mental health conditions that involve more than just nervousness and stress. It can affect professional produ … Read more »

  • Depression and Long-term Disability Claims

    Everyone experiences occasional moments of sadness. However, persistent feelings of despair or disinterest in daily activities may indicate depression. This serious and pervasive mental health condition requires professional attention and support for effective management and recovery. Depression is … Read more »

  • Tesla layoffs effect 10% of global workforce, Canada

    In a move reflecting the intensifying competition and market challenges in the electric vehicle sector, Tesla, the world’s largest automaker by market value, has announced significant layoffs, affecting over 10% of its global workforce. This internal memo, seen by Reuters, underscores the company’s … Read more »