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  • EI Sick Benefits Have Been Extended to 26 Weeks

    The federal government of Canada is extending Employment Insurance sickness benefits to 26 weeks. Previously, an eligible applicant was only entitled to receive 15 weeks of sickness benefits under the Employment Insurance Act. The extended Employment Insurance sickness benefits will be effective for … Read more »

  • When Is the Right Time to Hire an Employment Lawyer?

    Employment lawyers are a great resource to have when facing employment-related legal disputes. They ensure that employers’ and employees’ rights are protected against exploitation and resolve workplace disagreements that violate labour and employment laws. Hiring an employment lawyer is in your best … Read more »

  • CEOs Can’t Bully Their Employees Anymore

    Elon Musk’s ultimatum to Twitter workers holds a lesson for his fellow CEOs: Tread lightly. The decision by reportedly at least 1,200 Twitter employees to choose three-months severance over Musk’s promise of “extremely hardcore” working conditions could put the company’s future at risk, as key staff … Read more »

  • Disability Benefits Cut Off by Your Insurer?

    People receiving Long Term Disability Benefits have enough to worry about. The last thing they need is to have their disability benefits cut off. After all, your Employee Benefits Booklet generally indicates that you are entitled to receive at least 66% of your income each month if you become ill an … Read more »

  • 10 Things Your Boss or Employer Cannot Do in Ontario

    Employers have a tremendous amount of power over employees and their working life. There is a large amount of actions your employer can do against you. As a result, employees have to tolerate a lot of actions taken by their boss, manager or company. However, in this article, we are going to address … Read more »