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  • What Are My Rights as an Employee in Ontario?

    Employees in Ontario have valuable rights and protections that safeguard their well-being and ensure fair treatment within the workplace. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some important points you must understand to ensure you receive fair treatment in the workplace. For insight into your specific s … Read more »

  • Why Employment Law Is Critical in Employer-Employee Relationships

    Workers are classified into three categories: employees, independent contractors and dependent contractors. You may be legally entitled to certain rights and benefits depending on the category in which you’re classified.  Below, we outline the categories and how the law applies to each. The category … Read more »

  • Duty to Accommodate

    The Duty to Accommodate Disabled Employees Imagine working diligently at your job when an unexpected injury disrupts your daily routine. Now, think about how your employer should handle your return to work. This scenario raises critical questions about the legal obligations employers have when it co … Read more »

  • What’s the Difference between Employment and Labour Law?

    In Toronto, where business thrives and industries flourish, the legal landscape governing the relationship between employers and employees comprises a complex web of laws. Successfully navigating the landscape of employment and labour laws is crucial for many professionals, from human resources expe … Read more »

  • Does an Employer Have to Tell You Why You Were Fired in Canada?

    Employers in Canada are not required to state the reasons when firing employees. Is that the end of the story? No. The law grants them the right to terminate staff without warning or explanation as long as terminated employees are appropriately compensated.  Generally, termination falls within two c … Read more »