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  • Severance Pay and Employment Insurance

    The Canadian Federal Employment Insurance (EI) program is a social safety net that covers eligible employees temporarily for some income loss when this happens. If you receive notice and/or severance as part of your layoff, then you must understand the implications of severance pay and Employment In … Read more »

  • Notice and Severance for CIBC Employees

    When a profitable bank announces layoffs, employees should understand their rights and the Canada Labour Code which governs federally regulated industries, like banking. Here is information about notice & severance pay for CIBC employees impacted by the latest layoff announcement. The post Notice an … Read more »

  • Taking Mental Health Leave From Work

    Many workplaces refuse to accept employee mental health as a problem. They discriminate against employees suffering from anxiety and depression, often exacerbating the nature of the illness. The post Taking Mental Health Leave From Work appeared first on Lecker & Associates. … Read more »

  • Can Managers Refuse To Work Overtime Hours?

    Refusing to work overtime hours can be a risky proposition if you have managerial responsibilities. However, there are limits to what your employer can expect of you, too. Here’s what the law says about overtime pay. The post Can Managers Refuse To Work Overtime Hours? appeared first on Lecker & Ass … Read more »

  • Pay Equity Complaints

    Ontario’s Pay Equity Act, introduced two decades ago, makes it illegal for organizations to pay women less to perform the same job as a man. Yet, The gender wage gap remains stubbornly pervasive, with women generally earning 25% – 30% less than their male counterparts. Here’s what you need to know a … Read more »