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  • Christmas Access During Covid

    Routine traditions, celebrations, and gatherings that typically occur each the holiday season will undoubtedly be changed for our first Covid Christmas. Children of separated parents benefit from parental communication and support during the unprecedented time. In this episode, Russell Alexander and … Read more »

  • How to Support Local Theatre During Covid-19 Pandemic

    The Academy Theatre is a local historic venue in the community of Lindsay, Ontario where the Strumbellas have taken the stage, and award-winning musician James Barker was raised. The covid-19 pandemic has forced the venue to close their doors putting a strain on the entire community. Russell Alexand … Read more »

  • Marriage Story Deconstructed

    Netflix’s “Marriage Story” is deconstructed by real life family lawyers and professionals. The film’s roles include divorce lawyers with extreme varying styles and approaches. The main characters are separating spouses played by Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. They contemplate the decision of re … Read more »

  • Is the Decision to Attend School Online "Medical" or "Educational"?

    Is the Decision to Attend School Online “Medical” or “Educational”? Often times when separated parents cannot agree on what is best for their child, they take the matter to court. In this episode of Family Law Now, family lawyers discuss the most recent court rulings, analyze the options, and share … Read more »

  • Should Courts Order Children to Attend School In-Person?

    Recent court decision orders nine-year-old to attend school in-person during pandemic. Russell Alexander and fellow family lawyers, Nafisa Nazarali, Michelle Mulchan, and Bill Rogers analyze the factors considered in this decision. This case will provide guidance for the family law bar and direction … Read more »