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  • Divorce H.E.L.P.

    On this episode, Russell Alexander invites collaborative professionals to announce H.E.L.P (High Efficiency Legal Process). The current pandemic limits the already overburdened court system even more. Fortunately, more couples are determined to be key players in the planning and the settlement proce … Read more »

  • Spousal Support – Part III

    On this episode, Russell Alexander is joined by Jason Isenberg and Nafisa Nazarli to discuss income and financial statements with respect to spousal support. Family court evaluates legitimacy of financial information provided and has the right to impute income. Consider the timeline and grounds to a … Read more »

  • Ontario Child Support during a Pandemic

    On this episode, Russell Alexander invites experts Brian Galbraith, Jennifer Reynolds, and Abi Adeusi to discuss common concerns surrounding child support in light of the pandemic. Learn more about the basics of child support and the outcomes of recent court cases. What should the child support payo … Read more »

  • Ontario Spousal Support during a Pandemic

    Ontario Spousal Support during a Pandemic by Family Law Now Read more »

  • Top 20 Questions About Covid-19 and Ontario Child Custody & Access

    Russell Alexander and colleagues answer the top questions about child custody and access in Ontario related to covid-19. Legal professionals Jonathan Paynter, Jarret Johnston, and Marc D’Heureux provide answers and information for separated parents concerned about child access and parenting schedule … Read more »