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    All right, stop, collaborate and listen… Snow arrived much earlier than many of us expected. It isn’t 12 Inches of Snow just yet, but it is a seasonal reminder to many AB claims examiners that a flurry of OCF-1s may soon appear on their desks. Consider this blog posting your Informer about snow, ice … Read more »

  • Wait – Let Me Grab My Purse!

    In the recent LAT decision of S.B. and Aviva, a woman who sustained injuries after retrieving her purse from her car, closing the door, and then falling to ground did NOT meet the definition of “accident” as defined in the SABS. Instead the applicant’s fall in this case was considered to be an “inte … Read more »

  • How long has that been leaking?

    Ontario’s Court of Appeal recently addressed the issue of “discoverability” in a contractor negligence and public health authority claim. In Presley v. Van Dusen, 2019 ONCA 66, the homeowners retained a contractor to install a septic system in 2010.  After the installation was completed and approved … Read more »

  • Homeowners, Distributors and Contractors – Plenty of Blame to Go Around in Spill Case

    The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal of a fuel supplier found 40% at fault in a case involving the discharge of 500 litres of fuel oil from two indoor residential tanks. The oil leaked into the soil underneath and around the house and ultimately made its way into a nearby lake. Remediation c … Read more »

  • Mitigation? I Don’t Think So. (there’s a twist)

    A recent case out of Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice focuses on the obligation of an insurer under a labour and materials payment bond. What makes the case interesting is that on the face of it, the plaintiff sub contractor ended up in a better position as a result of all of the circumstances su … Read more »