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  • UK anti-corruption developments and their extraterritorial reach | S3 EP8

    When will a company be held responsible if its employees are involved in wrongdoing? Are all companies measured by the same degree of accountability? And how is anti-corruption legislation applied when multiple jurisdictions are involved?The UK is strengthening its anti-corruption legislation, makin … Read more »

  • CEPA, chemical management and the “right” to a healthy environment | S3 EP7

    In June, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) was amended for the first time in over 20 years. The most publicized amendment was the recognition that every individual has a “right to a healthy environment.” But even more significant for industry will be the changes to assessment and mana … Read more »

  • Pro bono publico in Canada | S3 EP6

    At its core, pro bono refers to lawyers’ broader duty to give back to communities, helping to bridge the gap in access to justice. There is no shortage of opportunity for lawyers to help people in need in this country, and that’s where the pro bono committee at Norton Rose Fulbright, led by Grace Pa … Read more »

  • Influencers, advertising and social media | S3 EP5

    Influencer advertising on social media is one of the most pervasive and effective forms of marketing, but consumers are not always aware that an advertisement is being promoted as such. While the lines are blurred, both consumers and brands need to understand that these increasingly ubiquitous marke … Read more »

  • Changes to the Canadian Competition Act | S3 EP4

    In June 2023, the Competition Bureau is set to start enforcing amendments to Canada’s Competition Act that were announced in June 2022. These amendments seek to protect competition in Canada’s labour market and pertain to no-poach and wage-fixing agreements, which will become illegal and subject to … Read more »