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  • A culture of employee engagement | S2 EP16

    Have you noticed terms such as “the great resignation” and “quiet quitting” being thrown around in the last year or two? As employers look to recruit and retain talent, the conversation seems to have changed, with these concepts at the forefront and employers wondering about their obligations to pro … Read more »

  • Working with litigation experts | S2 EP15

    Battle of the experts: whether it’s between engineers advising on a pipeline’s propensity to crack or economists calculating the cost of a failed merger, experts have a vital role in helping the court understand technical issues to reach a fair and reasoned decision. But how do you pick the right ex … Read more »

  • Just Cause | S2 EP14

    When ending an employment contract, what constitutes just cause? Does employee misconduct mean they are not entitled to notice of termination or payment in lieu? And, what is the difference between a dismissal without cause and one that is legitimate? To answer these questions we turn to Paul Macchi … Read more »

  • Securities enforcement | S2 EP13

    What do cryptocurrency and cannabis have in common? They both attract new and unseasoned investors who may be exposed to significant risks when representations about a business turn out to be misleading. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) watches this activity and introduces legislation to prot … Read more »

  • Greenwashing | S2 EP12

    The conversation on climate change and sustainability disputes continues. In this episode, we’re talking about greenwashing. Both public and private companies are being held to task on what they say about their climate footprint with regulatory bodies taking a bigger role in enforcement. Joining the … Read more »