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  • How To Know If A Private Investigator Is Watching You

    Private investigators can offer some very helpful information to a client who is going through a separation or divorce. Through surveillance, the investigator should be able to witness the subject (aka soon-to-be-ex) interacting with others and engaging in daily routines in their “normal” manner.” B … Read more »

  • What If I Disagree With The Family Court Decision?

    During the course of your family court case, there may be many points at which a judge issues a ruling that you may not like. For example: Your ex got awarded sole custody of your children pending the trial, whereas you wanted custody to be joint. You want to appeal that outcome because you want to … Read more »

  • It’s Time To Update The Laws For Common-Law Couples In Ontario

    Common-law relationships are on the rise in Canada. This isn’t exactly breaking news. In fact, the number of common-law couples rose 13.9 per cent between 2006 and 2011, more than four times the 3.1 per cent increase for married couples, reports Statistics Canada.   That makes sense considering atti … Read more »

  • Estate Planning For Blended Families In Ontario

    Relationships are challenging at the best of times. So, bringing two entire families together under one roof can create additional challenges.   The fluid dynamic between the kids still moving between both parents’ homes, accountability to possibly three or more parents, and now having to learn to l … Read more »

  • Is It Ever Okay To Go Through Your Partner’s Phone?

    Most of us rely on our phones for communicating, directions, banking, shopping; the list goes on. As such, we wouldn’t all be comfortable handing our unlocked device to our significant other. Rightfully so. Our phones carry a tremendous amount of information about us, our daily routines and personal … Read more »