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  • Divorce On A Budget: Tips And Tricks

    If you’re worried about how much a divorce may cost, you’re not alone. Divorce can be expensive, but the good news is there are actions you can take that will help minimize legal fees. Do your homework Start by interviewing lawyers, and make sure you are comfortable with their hourly rates. Many fam … Read more »

  • Tackling Debt After Divorce: What Do I Address First?

    Like many who have recently gone through a divorce, you may have run up some debt through the process. Paying for legal costs, setting up another residence, real estate fees, land transfer taxes, credit card debt, and quite simply incurring greater expenses on a lesser income, can add up quickly. Wh … Read more »

  • Why Does My Child Not Want To Speak To Me?

    Sometimes separated parents are faced with the situation of a child not wanting to talk with a parent. These are frequently challenging and upsetting situations. It is not uncommon for one parent to blame the other, and when that happens, parental conflict escalates and the solution to the actual pr … Read more »

  • The Powers And Limitations Of Drones

    Drones are pretty cool. They can be used for recreational purposes, for work or research, and even for collecting information. Drones are becoming more accessible, which means more people are using them, but there are rules and limitations to be aware of. I bought this drone online, so now I can wat … Read more »

  • Free Resources To Help You Get Through A Divorce

    The cost of your divorce will vary depending on the complexity and urgency of your individual case. Being proactive and doing some research can help you make more informed decisions, and reduce your legal fees. But where do you start? And which resources can you trust? If you live in Ontario, you ca … Read more »

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