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  • The Dos and Don’ts Of Conducting Your Own Family Law InvestigationSeptember 20, 2018

    One of the most damaging assumptions people make when it comes to family law investigations is believing that they can investigate their spouse with the same diligence, or come up with the same results, as a professional private investigator. Although there are many reasons to retain a P.I., there a … Read more »

  • A Nasty Divorce from the Child’s EyesSeptember 17, 2018

    Ever wonder what the child’s experience of divorce may be? It is important to remember, behavior speak and at times, louder than words. This is particularly true at times of exchange. This is when kids may be exposed to the nastiest of behaviour between the parents. From the child’s point of view, t … Read more »

  • How An Argument About Finances Can Escalate Into An Argument About EverythingSeptember 15, 2018

    Divorce is a personal and often difficult event that can have profound emotional, physical and financial effects on you. That being said, the best financial advice I would give to someone going through a divorce is to get it done as quickly as possible once it has been determined that the relation c … Read more »

  • Parenting a Teenager Through a DivorceSeptember 13, 2018

    Parenting a teenager is often compared to parenting a 3-year-old. The teenager is revisiting a stage of development where they are naturally seeking greater independence, but instead of heading towards a hot stove, they may be heading towards a hot date, drugs, alcohol or other things that cause par … Read more »

  • Publication Bans – What are They? And Why Would I Need One?September 11, 2018

    Our firm’s own Ron Shulman was recently featured in an article about publication bans, written by by the Toronto Star. The article examined a case where a judge decided to lift a publication ban protecting the identity of a church pastor who has been named in a paternity suit. Although this is only … Read more »