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  • How To Have An Amicable Divorce

    The “good divorce” does exist. In fact, we’re seeing a rise in amicable divorces. Married couples don’t want the drama often associated with divorce. They don’t want to spend years in court. And if kids are involved, they don’t want to disrupt the children’s lives, either. Every divorce is different … Read more »

  • Parenting Coordination – What Is It?

    For whatever reason, some separated parents find themselves in frequent conflict and unable to resolve their differences. Their inability to resolve conflict may have them going back to court time and time again. The issues that crop up may have to do with choice of school, medical interventions, ex … Read more »

  • RESPs and Divorce

    A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a common vehicle used by many parents to save for their kids’ post-secondary education. Governments provide an additional incentive by matching up to 20% of a family’s contribution. But what happens to an RESP in the event of divorce? An RESP is not requ … Read more »

  • Coming Soon: Child-Focused Changes To The Divorce Act

    In Canada, the federal Divorce Act is the governing legislation that addresses the mechanics of divorce, and also sets out the rights and obligations that arise from getting one. But that legislation, which was first enacted in 1978, has not had a significant overhaul for more than 30 years. All tha … Read more »

  • Proving Infidelity: Should I Get Proof?

    In Ontario, there are no additional compensation considerations for proving infidelity or “heartbreak”, so does it really matter if your spouse cheated? If you look at this issue from a financial point-of-view, the answer appears to be no. However, as a living, breathing, emotional human being, some … Read more »

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