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  • How Fast Can You Get A Divorce?November 12, 2018

    Although we’ve all heard of a quickie divorce, there is really no such thing in Canada. If you want to get legally divorced from your spouse, there are numerous components that dictate the overall speed of the application process. These include the time needed for you to comply with certain procedur … Read more »

  • Will Hiring A P.I. Make For A Messier Divorce?November 9, 2018

    There are many good reasons to ask a private investigator to assist with your family law case, but is there a chance that doing this will make divorce…messy? Perhaps you and your ex are currently on good terms; why would you risk upsetting him or her? It’s important to remember that every case is di … Read more »

  • What Is A Section 30 Assessment? And Do I Need One?November 7, 2018

    A section 30 assessment refers to section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act of Ontario (CLRA) which governs the appointment of an assessor to assess custody and access matters and to report on the assessment to the parents and court. Custody and access assessments may be entered into voluntarily b … Read more »

  • How To Find Money To Treat Yourself, Even On A Tight BudgetNovember 5, 2018

    After a divorce, your financial picture can look much different than it did prior to divorce. Your expenses may have increased and your sources of income may have become more limited. You are likely responsible for running your own household, whereas you probably shared that responsibility with your … Read more »

  • Why Mediation Is Better For ChildrenNovember 2, 2018

    To understand why mediation is better for children, one first must appreciate how court can be harmful. Court may be seen as a contest between competing views in a winner-take-all scenario. To achieve the win, it often involves one parent demonstrating the shortcomings of the other parent, who in tu … Read more »