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  • How to Go Grocery Shopping When You Are on a Budget

      Food expenses are essential. After all, you have to eat. But, food expenses are also variable — they can be modified to fit with your budget so that you can scrape up the savings and put them to better use. Follow this helpful guide on how you can go grocery shopping with savings in mind.   Start … Read more »

  • An Important Guide to the Bankruptcy Laws in Ontario

      It’s easy to get confused about bankruptcy laws since they vary by province and by country. Clients come into the firm for their consultation with a licensed insolvency trustee and quickly realize that they’ve been misinformed about their debt relief options. If you are considering filing for pers … Read more »

  • What Is the Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act?

        Consider this scenario: you’re deep in debt, and you’re desperate to get out of it. Budgeting doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Increasing your income isn’t chipping away at the pile. You need to take a more intensive approach. You see an advertisement for a debt settlement company, and … Read more »

  • How to Pay off All of Your Student Loans

        Higher education comes with a big price-tag, which most students can’t afford right off the bat. So, they take out loans in order to make it to class and get their degrees, then end up saddled with thousands in debt after graduation. It’s an all-too-common problem.   If you’re trying to free you … Read more »

  • How Often Can a Person File for Bankruptcy?

      Life is unpredictable. You could be doing just fine financially when you hit a bump in the road and swerve off course. Before you know it, you’re deep in debt and you’re not entirely sure how you’re going to fix it.   One of the potential solutions is filing for personal bankruptcy. It could help … Read more »