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  • Motorcycle Accident Injury Compensation

    It is no secret that motorcyclists are at a high risk for injuries and fatalities when an accident occurs. Motorcycle accidents are also associated with high medical expenses that often exceed your insurance coverage. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you likely have many questions and concer … Read more »

  • Do I Have a Motor Vehicle Accident Case?

    Whether you have an auto accident case can depend on the circumstances of the accident, the severity of your injuries, and other factors. When you face rehabilitation, lost wages, and debilitating injuries, you don’t have the time or energy to fight for the accident benefits you deserve. Findlay Per … Read more »

  • Who is at Fault in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

    Many motor vehicle accidents have a clear-cut “perpetrator” on whom to cast blame. Running a traffic light, failing to stop at a stop sign, or rear-ending a parked vehicle are cases where fault is likely easy to determine. However, there are times when establishing fault is not as straightforward, a … Read more »

  • Can You Sue Over Food Poisoning?

    Food poisoning is unfortunately a fairly common occurrence, whether it results from an improperly cooked meal at home, a restaurant meal, or a contaminated food item bought at the grocery store or a farmer’s market. Contaminated food causes illness in approximately 4 million Canadians every year. Fo … Read more »

  • Who is Liable for Damages if You’re Involved in a Car Accident while Driving for Work?

    In most instances, the driver who is at fault for a car accident is liable for any damages caused by the collision. However, determining liability often becomes more complicated when the car accident is caused by someone who is driving for work or operating a company vehicle. In these situations, th … Read more »