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  • Road Rage Can Have Deadly Consequences

    Most drivers strive to drive safely and be courteous to others on the road. However, no one is perfect, and you have probably accidentally cut someone off or done something to upset another driver. Most drivers know to take these instances in stride and not take it personally, but some drivers exhib … Read more »

  • What to Know about Sharing the Road with Trucks this Winter

    If you don’t already give tractor-trailers a wide berth on the road, now is the time to start. Winter weather makes these massive, heavy vehicles even more dangerous than they are under perfect road conditions. You can find information on what to do if you are injured in a truck accident here. The a … Read more »

  • How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet

    Like it or not, the thrill of riding a motorcycle comes with risks. Even if you are an expert rider, you share the road with motorists who may be distracted, inexperienced, or negligent. Without a helmet, your risk for catastrophic head injury is higher than it needs to be. Helmets have helped many … Read more »

  • Helmets Aren’t just for Hockey: Tips to Keep your Noggin Safe this Winter

    Ontario is a great place for winter fun, but before you hit the slopes or put on your skates, make sure your head is protected. Winter sports revolve around snowy, icy conditions, and these slippery situations put you at risk for serious injuries. The right helmet can reduce your risk of a catastrop … Read more »

  • Tips for Safe Driving this Fall

    Ready or not, chilly temperatures and fall precipitation are rolling in. Set yourself up for safe autumn driving by making sure your vehicle is ready, knowing the risks of the season, and being prepared for precipitation. The auto accident lawyers at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers hope you take adv … Read more »