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  • Christmas Planning: Did You Know That There Are Only 17 Fridays Until Christmas?

    The true meaning of Christmas is not about spending money, but let’s face it a lot of money is spent on the holidays. We spend money on food, travel and gifts. In 2020, Canadians spent $1,276.00 per person, on average, at Christmas, and this was during the Covid lockdown. But […] The post Christmas … Read more »

  • Meet the LCTaylor Team of Local Manitoba Debt Help Experts

    LCTaylor is a local Insolvency practice that has been putting people first in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1992. Our family-owned practice is licensed by the Canadian Government and our team is made up of compassionate and experienced local professionals, including debt relief specialists. M … Read more »

  • Getting a Fresh Start After Covid-19

    After what has been a long 16 months for many of us, it seems as though we may be close to putting the Covid-19 pandemic behind us. Some provinces, including our prairie neighbours of Alberta and Saskatchewan, have significantly reduced the health restrictions, and Manitoba is following suit. This h … Read more »

  • Hot Homemade Pie

    If I were to offer you the choice between a slice of hot homemade pie or a pre-packaged and microwaved piece purchased at the local gas station, I am fairly confident you would choose the homemade pie. Without even asking a lot of questions, you would select the locally made […] The post Hot Homemad … Read more »

  • A Local Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    One thing that we are very proud of here at LCTaylor is that every single one of our Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal files are administered entirely from our office right here in downtown Winnipeg.  In fact, it couldn’t be done any other way, because this is the only office in […] The post A Local … Read more »