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  • When politicians turn a blind eye to abuse in jails a culture of impunity is legitimized

    On Dec. 15, 2016, Soleiman Faqiri died at the hands of Ontario jail guards. Faqiri, who suffered from mental health vulnerabilities, was beaten and pepper sprayed by a half-dozen jail guards while he was shackled at the ankles and wrists and his head covered by a spit hood. The coroner’s report foun … Read more »

  • It is time to defund the Ottawa police

    It is a universal truth, police are always thirsty for more money. The boys in blue have been grifting communities for decades and we all have fallen for their long con. The simple inexplicable truth is that, with few exceptions, police budgets always increase. Crime rates fall and the police ask fo … Read more »

  • Ottawa detainees left in the cold

    Sometimes an acquittal is cold comfort. Literally. Imagine that you are arrested for a crime you didn’t commit. The charges are serious, and you have been struggling otherwise. You recently lost your job, your housing is unstable, and you live in poverty. So, as is all too typical in our justice sys … Read more »

  • Ottawa drops the ball on solitary confinement jail reform

    Let’s start by dragging out the old Dostoevsky quote, “The degree of civilization in a society is revealed by entering its prisons.” But I invite you to enter not the dirty, racist and punitive Canadian prison, but a small 10-foot by 6-foot solitary confident cell in the bowels of that jail. It is h … Read more »

  • A view from Ottawa on American justice

    I have a small thesis for your consideration: the United States of America’s justice system is broken. First, some facts. The American criminal justice system not only inhumanly deals out death in judgement, but until 2005 juveniles could be sentenced to death. The American legal system, in many cas … Read more »