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  • Racism in the justice system is real, we all need to fight it

    The murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police has sparked worldwide protests against police violence and racism. As the world watches law enforcement officers brutalize peaceful protesters and target the media, cries to #DefundThePolice and tear down a justice system built on racism have grow … Read more »

  • The COVID-19 Injustice System

    If an innocent person is held in jail and not allowed to set a trial and a guilty person on bail is not allowed to plead guilty, can we really call it a justice system? There is no need to construct a fanciful hypothetical to answer the question. All you need to do is take a trip through the looking … Read more »

  • We Need To Strengthen Legal Aid Post-COVID

    It was almost a year ago that Doug Ford pulled the rug out from under Ontario’s legal aid system when he cruelly slashed Legal Aid Ontario’s budget by $133 million. The 30-per-cent budget cut was immediate and without warning. Then Ford lied to the public about access to legal aid services, telling … Read more »

  • The Right to Bail During COVID-19

    Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis the federal government has said it is concerned about the spread of the virus in Canadian jails and prisons. Speaking to reporters last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted the increased COVID-19 risks inmates face. “We are very concerned about the f … Read more »

  • Top Priorities for Ottawa Criminal Court’s Post COVID-19

    It feels like it has been a lifetime, but only a month has passed since Ottawa’s and Ontario’s courtrooms, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, closed their doors to most cases. Running on a skeleton crew, the criminal justice system has been treading water, with only urgent bail hearings and guilt … Read more »