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  • The Rule of law, legal secrecy and the unwritten rule of law on Parliament Hill

    Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Chong joins host Jon Festinger to talk about the government's use of “orders in council,” legal secrecy and the unwritten rule of law on Parliament Hill. Michael Chong was first elected to Parliament in 2004 and represents the riding of Wellington-Halto … Read more »

  • A conversation with Marie Henein on the role of lawyers in our society

    Renowned criminal defence lawyer Marie Henein joins host Jon Festinger to talk about the role of lawyers, what influenced her to be a lawyer, and current threats to democracy and the rule of law that are taking place around the world.Marie Henein is a senior partner at Henein Hutchison LLP, recogniz … Read more »

  • Racism, equity, diversity and inclusion and the rule of law

    Is everyone equal before the law? In light of the recent surge in anti-Asian racist events in BC, we take this episode to examine how racism was built into our legal system, discrimination in the legal profession and how that impacts everyone.  Dr. Carol Liao joins Andrea Hilland, policy lawyer at t … Read more »

  • Rule of law news: a year in review

    In this new episode, our host Jon Festinger and Michael Lucas, director of policy and planning at the Law Society, take a look back at the first season of Rule of Law Matters and the events that have transpired since the podcast launched in September.  They chatted about how this podcast began, whet … Read more »

  • The role of prosecutors in criminal justice and the rule of law

    What exactly does a prosecutor do? And whose interests do they represent? Senior prosecutor Christopher McPherson, QC walks us through the role and duties of a prosecutor and the standards that must be met before prosecutors decide to lay a charge. We discuss the importance of prosecutorial independ … Read more »