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  • Rule of law news: a year in review

    In this new episode, our host Jon Festinger and Michael Lucas, director of policy and planning at the Law Society, take a look back at the first season of Rule of Law Matters and the events that have transpired since the podcast launched in September.  They chatted about how this podcast began, whet … Read more »

  • The role of prosecutors in criminal justice and the rule of law

    What exactly does a prosecutor do? And whose interests do they represent? Senior prosecutor Christopher McPherson, QC walks us through the role and duties of a prosecutor and the standards that must be met before prosecutors decide to lay a charge. We discuss the importance of prosecutorial independ … Read more »

  • COVID-19 and returning to "normal"

    We welcome Micheal Vonn to talk to us about COVID-19 and returning to the new “normal.” Micheal is Chief Executive Officer of PHS Community Services Society, which provides housing, healthcare, harm reduction and health promotion for some of the most vulnerable and under-served people in Vancouver’s … Read more »

  • Judges and the rule of law

    In this episode, Supreme Court of BC's Justice David Crossin  shares with us his insights on the role of judges and the courts in protecting our rights and freedoms.  He touches on how important it is for judges to be independent and impartial, and warns against governments overseas who continu … Read more »

  • Authoritarianism, closer to home

    We invite the Honourable Irwin Cotler back to  speak about the impacts of authoritarianism, closer to home.Professor Cotler talked about recent events in the US, the mob attack on the Capitol building, and the rule of law implications. He also spoke about his time as special advisor to former Attorn … Read more »