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  • When can LTD benefits frustrate an employment contract?

    The decision of Roskaft v. RONA Inc., 2018 ONSC 2934, sheds some light on when an employer can successfully claim frustration of contract when an employee is in receipt of long-term disability benefits. The facts of this case were fairly straight forward. The Plaintiff began working for RONA in 2002 … Read more »

  • Let’s “talk” – Sweet employee engagement

    It’s February and love (and the smell of roses) is in the air. Valentine’s Day is February 14th and by the end of the day we will see restaurants full of diners and flower shops with nothing more than rose petals left on the floor. For so many people it is a day filled with love and memories of the … Read more »

  • Non-consensual sharing of intimate images grounds for summary dismissal

    Can sharing intimate photos of one your coworkers with your friends result in the summary termination of your employment for cause? In an unreported decision from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, the answer was a resounding “yes.” Facts The facts of the case are essentially as follows. Two people wor … Read more »

  • Family Day February 2020: Which jurisdictions have a day off with pay?

    Family Day, Monday, February 17, 2020, is celebrated in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Family Day (may have a different name depending on the jurisdiction) is recognized as a public (statutory) holiday in these provinc … Read more »

  • Smokers need not apply: can Ontario employers refuse to hire nicotine users?

    U-Haul’s new policy As of February 1, 2020, U-Haul no longer hires nicotine users in 21 of the US states in which it operates. The company, which employs over 30,000 people across the US and Canada, announced this new policy late last year. In the affected jurisdictions, U-Haul will now ask about ni … Read more »