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  • Understanding the Procedural Duty to Accommodate Disability

    The duty to accommodate disability in the workplace has both procedural and substantive aspects. It is not enough for an employer to merely arrive at the right result; the process in getting there is equally important. In his latest contribution to First Reference Talks (a collaborative HR and emplo … Read more »

  • Employer Obligations When Issuing Discretionary Bonuses

    It is quite common for employers to offer a bonus or incentive payment as part of a worker’s compensation. Bonuses serve a useful dual function – incentivizing individuals to perform their duties well and then rewarding achievement of the same.Contractual bonus rights come in a variety of shapes and … Read more »

  • Fixed Term Contract Costs Employer $497,000.00+

    Most employment contracts operate for an indefinite period. Lesser seen are fixed term agreements. The latter are most often used in the context of a sale of business and in the not-for-profit sector (where funding is frequently tied to time-limited grants). Regardless of their underlying motivation … Read more »

  • A 2022 Update for Drafting Termination Clauses

    Termination clauses are found in most written employment contracts. They typically set out a fixed formula to govern severance entitlements upon dismissal. Termination clauses are, however, notoriously difficult for employers to get right. In his latest contribution to First Reference Talks (a colla … Read more »

  • New Paid Medical Leave Requirement for Federally Regulated Employers

    By December 1, 2022, the Canada Labour Code will require all federally regulated employers, regardless of size, to provide their employees with up to ten (10) paid days of annual medical leave.The new requirements flow from Bill C-3, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Canada Labour Code, whic … Read more »