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  • Seeking Fairness for Victims of Medical MalpracticeMay 2, 2018

    Note: This article was originally published for the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association. Reporter Sheryl Ubelacker reported on October 26, 2016 that 1 in 18 Canadian hospital patients experience harm from preventable errors. … Read more »

  • Our Friendly Neighbourhood Family DoctorApril 28, 2018

    As a personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer, I work with many doctors. In every one of my cases there is a doctor involved. In my experience over the past 16 years in almost every case a client’s family doctor is the unsung hero. … Read more »

  • 14 Things to Know before going to Jail in Ontario: a Prisoner’s Guide.April 19, 2018

    Note: This article originally appeared in Robichaud’s Criminal Defence Litigation. When an accused is sentenced to custody they will be serving their sentence in either a Provincial or Federal institution. Sentences of two years less a day will be served in a Provincial facility. Sentences of two ye … Read more »

  • Should We Turn On The Camera?March 13, 2018

    In September 2016, I wrote a blog for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association in the wake of Edmonton judge, Justice Denny Thomson’s decision to allow television cameras inside the courtroom to broadcast his decision in the Travis Vader murder trial.  … Read more »

  • The High Stakes Cost of LitigationFebruary 14, 2018

    $30,000 in damages and $151,045 in costs. $20,414.813 in damages and $237,017.50 in costs. Litigation is expensive. We all know this to be a fact, but a couple of recent Ontario Superior Court decisions drive home the point. While at first blush one might think that awarding costs worth five and ten … Read more »