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  • 2021 ends on a victorious note for workers

    Here at AQR Law, we’re thrilled to wrap up 2021 with several significant December victories on behalf of workers. Our firm continues to grow and build its capacity to fight the good fight on behalf of unions and their members and we’re looking forward to carrying this momentum into 2022.    Workers … Read more »

  • Four arbitrators weigh in on vaccine mandates

    In face of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, public sector employers and private businesses across Canada have moved to impose vaccine mandates on their workers. The novelty of these mandates has resulted in a wide range of employer policies and programs and the enforceability of vaccine man … Read more »

  • Oger v Whatcott

    Our client Morgane with the many excellent friends and allies who supported her and us through the hearing, gathered in the hallway oustide the hearing room We got served! William Whatcott filed a petition for judicial review two years ago and finally served it on our client earlier this week. We’re … Read more »

  • Remembering Joe Arvay

    Joe Arvay was certainly the most remarkable lawyer I have known in over forty years of practicing law. Brilliant, creative, diligent and highly skilled; his profound understanding of the law – especially Canada’s constitution – was unmatched. He weaponized his immense talents as an instrument for ju … Read more »

  • Work Refusals During COVD-19: A Cautionary Tale from the BC Workers Compensation Board

    Workers have the right to refuse unsafe work. What does that mean in the context of a COVID-19 pandemic, when so much of what used to be normal human interaction is now potentially unsafe – and when it seems guidelines, rules, and best practices for staying safe keep changing? What can workers refus … Read more »