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  • BCPFFA Western Regional Conference

    We are thrilled to be a sponsor for the BC Professional Fire Fighters Association Western Regional Conference on February 10-13. Rachel Roy will be teaching a workshop on campaign law.Click here for more information on this invaluable conference! … Read more »

  • Don’t Let Scabs Undermine Your Strike!

    by Nicole Veitch Scabby the Rat Workers strike to shut down – or at least slow down – the employer’s business. That’s the pressure that can win demands at the bargaining table. Employers try what they can to resist this pressure, including by relying on replacement workers or scabs.Unions should go … Read more »

  • “Self-Accommodation” in Childcare and Family Status Discrimination

    by Andrew Tarver The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter and does not comprise legal advice.British Columbia’s human rights law, including as it applies to unionized workers, has an unfair and unfounded double-standard. The need of parents – usually w … Read more »

  • What Canada’s new election laws mean for your campaign this summer

    This article is presented for informational purposes only. Please seek legal advice about your specific campaign plans.With the passage of Bill C-76 in December 2018, a number of important changes to the Canadian Elections Act will come into effect this election cycle. Let’s take a look at the chang … Read more »

  • Trans rights are human rights

    This morning we received the decision in Oger v Whatcott, a case we started work on almost two years ago.We are thrilled with the result. Not only is this a win for our client, it is a groundbreaking decision that exhaustively, clearly, and eloquently sets out the enshrinement of trans equality in l … Read more »